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Recently someone has caught my attention by the name of Max Lang-Orsini. Since I liked his content, I decided to dig further and I’ve got to admit, this is a new up and coming talent in the gaming community. You can tell that this guy plays video games for passion and nothing more.

The top gaming YouTube channels nowadays are lacking people who do it because they love it. There are few YouTubers in the gaming industry currently that you can tell care, one of them being Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), the number 1 YouTube Channel. We need gaming videos and gaming channels to start succeeding again, and for this, we need passionate players like Felix Kjllberg and Max Lang-Orsini.

This industry is no joke, and the numbers prove it so with all the potential businesses to come out of it. With its record-breaking viewership, it has led many people to rack up millions of views and millions of subscribers by creating ‘YouTube videos’ on this platform ‘YouTube’. Even if YouTube drops off (which is highly unlikely as even today it’s still continuing to grow), the viewership will continue to increase for gaming with many huge websites, such as Twitch, who have their own way of creating content by live-streaming their game POV to the world.

Gaming has led many people to branch off into different industries, such as video editing, but this does not mean they are not a part of the gaming industry. They are a part of two, simply combining both for high-quality consumable content on the internet.

This is why I want to highly recommend Max Lang-Orsini. He may not have gaming content yet to show, but his theory side of gaming has pure intellectual passion and talent. The articles that he writes on a huge variety of games (from mobile games to the next Call of Duty) are extremely useful on whether or not this particular game is for you.

Max Lang-Orsini himself has admitted to being a Geek when it comes to gaming, but who really has a negative interest in that when the content he is producing is amazing entertainment value?

I would highly recommend that you check out Max Lang-Orsini’s content online by visiting his YouTube Channel and read through the current articles he has posted. He is ambitious about the future and has plans to start producing gaming content soon. Max Lang-Orsini is the guy who we need more of in the gaming entertainment industry today.


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