YouTube: A Combination of all kinds of entertainment


YouTube is the only platform provides all kind of entertainment without facing any issue. We all know that it is a good source of entertainment, but for some people, it is a good source of income as well. If you upload a video on YouTube to get views and subscribers, you will get income. But from this, it is essential to have the watch time and more than 1000 subscribers. The watch time depends on the views, and subscribers depend on the content. If your content is valuable but not getting the views, then one can take the help from some tools to Buy YouTube Views. With the help of the tool, you will increase the watch time to make some earnings.

As time changes, the features of YouTube also change. It is a kind of software, and after some time, the software needs an update. With the updates, new features are added, and old features are come up with new aspects. In a day, more than 4 billion videos are viewed, and their experience is very good. However, the main aim of YouTube update is to make creator and user friendly. Through these updates, one can take a better experience. Thus, these features are given below:

Comments section

The comment section has been improved. The creator can turn off the comment section. Moreover, if someone is doing a wrong comment, then the YouTube authority might delete that comment. Through this, the image of your channel may not be harmed.

Channel dashboard

The YouTube Studio is a dashboard where you can watch the performance of your uploaded videos. It will give you all the valuable information regarding the trend of YouTube. One can use the dashboard to check the overall performance of your channel. Moreover, one can make the content strategy to boost more views.


The new version of analytic is more effective rather than others. One can easily understand the position of their channel. The analytic feature helps you in several aspects such as:

  • The view time of each video
  • All views and subscribers
  • Points where the viewers stamp the video
  • The information about viewer’s interest

Optimization tool

One can optimize the videos as well as searching aspects. It means if someone searches the keyword, then your video must be shown on the top is known as search engine optimization. In some cases, due to a lack of SEO services, the channel may not get more reach as compared to efforts. Through this, the optimization tool is the best option for those who want to boost the reach of their channel. In addition, one can use this for showing their video on other search engines like Google.

Video chapters

It is one of the most straightforward and effective features on YouTube. With the help of this, the view can reach an essential section of the video. Through video, chapter one can save some time. Here they will see the complete list of the chapter with its headings. The thumbnail will preview the chapter’s information. Those who are educators so this feature is suitable for them as well as for their viewers.

CC option

Everyone is aware of the CC option. It is a caption button that shows the caption on the video. Through this, one can understand the different language videos by reading the translate caption. For example, if the video is in the Korean language, but it seems to be helpful for you, so with the help o the CC button, you can get the caption in your language to understand the concept of the video. It is consists of all languages to make the user more comfortable.

Gesture control

In some other apps, the viewer may not be able to watch the video in landscape gesture. But YouTube is now different for this; here, one can watch the video in landscape option by swiping up and down. Through this feature, one can watch the video without facing any problem. Most of the viewers want to take a better experience through gesture control.

Bedtime feature

Lots of users use YouTube at night. Through this, the bedtime feature is the best as it concerns the user’s help. It gives the indicator to the user to stop watching the video and go to sleep. However, one can quickly get to know that how safe feature it is. Through this, the user will get a better experience in using YouTube.


The management of video is essential for a video creator. Through the management feature, one can manage the video as well as the channel. Therefore, it makes it more attractive for the viewers to boost the reach of their channel. In some aspects, one can improve the performance of their video and channel through the management feature.

Creator community

The creator community is the option for those who are new on YouTube. The new creator may not know some exciting features about YouTube, so they will get to know about all information through this. However, you can use this feature to get notifications about new things coming on this platform.

Better live stream

If the user wants to take the experience of the live section, then the new update is here for you. One can do the live session to engage the viewers as well as question answers. It can help in boosting the reach of your channel.

YouTube Shorts

It is a new feature where the user can upload a short video for about 30 seconds. The shorts can be made up for several reasons to entertain the viewers. All the people can use this short of making the video.

Through the above content, you will get to know all the features of YouTube. Moreover, these features can make the experience better in operating this platform. Try not to use tools to Buy YouTube Views; it will harm your channel.


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