Your Home on the outside should look as luxurious as on the inside


In the dream world, homeowners can hire top-class designers to ensure their homes feature comfort, elegance, and sophistication. But in the real world, banks can break down, and those in such situations will love to hear that they can improve their homes’ look without spending tons of bucks. And besides, it doesn’t have to be complex changes; instead only a few adjustments which may include the installation of the best clay roof tiles and the house will be redesigned in a few steps.

According to a Home Advisor 2017 report, modern homeowners are spending more bucks on improving their home looks, with over $5,000 being a budget for home projects in 2016. The figure is expected to increase over the years. Well, below are some of the tips that will make both the interior and exterior of the home appear luxurious.

Top Tips for Designing your Home’s Looks

Make it Refreshing with some Flowers

It’s not a necessity for anyone to spend tons of bucks on their homes for a luxurious touch. One can get some bouquets from the local grocery store for that sophistication. The arrangement of the flowers and their vases matters and they should be spread across the room. Besides being affordable, they play a huge role in making the interior more luxurious.

Those who don’t want to shop at the grocery store can cut some flowers or trim a tree and place them in a floor vase or a table. The flowers will bring a green theme to the interior, making the space even brighter.

Add some colors

According to top interior designers, paints are affordable, and they make a huge impact to the living spaces. Therefore, homeowners only need to get the best colors and add some bold ones to make the space livelier. The colors will revitalize and make the room look even better.

And though panting the interior and exterior walls of the house may look more time consuming and costly, they can start with some things, i.e. the furniture. Locate the older pieces, and those colors that contradict the coloring scheme of the kitchen space should be removed with new paint of neutral shade. If the other pieces in your home are getting older, i.e., the interior walls or your cabinetry, then get some matching paint and get to work. Besides, when selling the home, the painting will help them get a better price.

Illuminate the Space with Lighting

Homeowners should always ensure there is light in their homes. Besides, the best trick of making the house look more expensive is installing some expressive and interesting light pieces. Additionally, Glamour adds that there is no single way of making the room glow luxuriously; however, lighting is an important piece of jewelry to the room, as it makes the space more attractive.

Also, install pieces with amazing finishes, shapes, and designs and ensure that they grab the attention while making a good statement in the room. The lightings should be arranged in different bulb sizes at different heights to create unique effects that emit beautiful looking and unflattering shadows.

Install the Mirrors

Lighting and mirrors go down well, provided they’re installed perfectly. Besides, some good lighting will give the illusion that there is a larger space in the room. The mirrors should be hanged across a source of light, such as a lamplight or a window for this illusion. When the homeowner hangs the mirror this way, the room’s functionality will be increased, and space will be widened while ensuring it appear larger by making a reflection of the room back.

This trick works well when one installs mirrors of different sizes and shapes in their rooms, therefore giving the wall an artistic and eclectic design. If they prefer incorporating simplicity into their aesthetics, they only use single and large statement mirrors to make the walls more elegant and give them a polished look.


It’s not necessary to always have the room more spacious to achieve a luxurious look. Instead, only a few important pieces are needed, and the comfort of the room will be enhanced while its design will also look more attractive. For instance, they could try installing curtains on their ceiling for an upscaled and luxurious appearance of their homes since large curtains give the illusion that the room is more spacious.

Also, placing more plum throw pillows in the seating location will enable them to make their home more stylish and comfortable. They should go for those modern pillows with minimalistic designs for that expensive look. Also, there are many affordable home décor stores locally and online, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks to achieve a luxurious look.

On the outside – consider adding texture and luxury accents that are also functional for example a pergola carport for your driveway, landscaping that is exuberant, and colorful, colored stonework. Building an atmosphere of peace and enjoyment that reflects your personality is always a way to add a personal touch to your outdoor decor.

Clean and Declutter

This is one of the most ignored yet effective ways of making the house more elegant and luxurious at a low budget. Just clean the home and remove the clutter items. Also, it’s important to dust and vacuum it weekly, and cleaning, it will ensure the removal of spots and stains in the rugs, thus protecting them from damage or being shabby-looking. Also, always ensure the windows and furniture are clean. Finally, regular cleaning ensures your home looks better and the features and accessories to stand out.

Buy Some Large-Scale Art

Also, buying some attention-grabbing and luxurious art in the living space will give it that deluxe feeling. But homeowners should avoid spending tons of bucks on new art; instead, they can get these items at lower prices through estate sales and secondhand shops. When in a low budget, one can be creative, and make these drawings on their own.


Making the home luxurious and high-end can be daunting when one is on a budget. But luckily, there are ways of sprucing the living space both indoors and outdoors and make it the ideal home anyone can dream of owning. The ideas in our article are the secrets that any designer would not want you to know, and so it’s time to get to work and make the room more enticing.


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