Your Complete Guide To Protect Yourself From Truck Rental Scam


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Everyone knows that moving and shifting can be hectic. We always end up needing assistance from movers and shifters in the end. They are a great help, and we are thankful for them. However, we live in a world where money is everything, and people do miserable things to earn some quick cash. The truck rental companies in a prosperous city like Dubai are no exception. You can fall trap to their menace. To avoid that situation, make sure you are keeping in mind the following points –

Ask everything about the company

A genuine company that doesn’t have anything shady about it will gladly give you all the information you need in order to choose it for your service. Beware of companies that hesitate from disclosing the information you need in order to hire it. Don’t forget to ask for testimonials. That’s how you’ll actually be able to have a look at the quality of the service delivered by the company. Make sure you head to various third-party sites to get a hold of user reviews.

Watch out for special clauses

A genuine rental truck service in Dubai will not have nasty special provisions in the contract. These nasty clauses are those sentences that are aimed at extracting more money from you. In order to avoid a situation where your truck rental company bills you three times the amount you discussed, read the contract carefully, and ask questions. Make sure there are no surprise costs that might show up later on. You can only be assured of this aspect when you’ve narrowed down to the understanding of the contract. Get into a thorough discussion with the truck rental provider in case you have any underlying doubts.

Don’t make early payments

A good truck rental company will never directly jump into the money. It will try to earn your trust first, and then it will show you its services only after which it will demand money. In this case, you must gladly pay the company. However, if the company demands early payments even before your service has started, you must stay away from it. Taking advances, demanding money throughout the process of service, isn’t a good quality on behalf of the company.

Don’t sign blank documents

You might meet truck rental companies that offer you unfinished or blank documents, asking for a sign. In no case must you put your signature on these pages. You don’t know when the company decides to misuse your signature. And you will have to face the consequences. No one wants that, so always read the pages where your sign is required. In case you have any trouble understanding the details of any document, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Make sure you get in touch with an attorney who will break down the legal aspects of any document in place.

Don’t be charmed by too low prices

In a flourishing business like truck renting, there are many companies waiting to scam you. Their favorite way to attract you is low prices. All consumers are attracted to low priced goods and services. However, there’s no surety as to whether the quality of service is good if the cost is too less. More often than not, these unrealistically low prices are just a method of luring customers. So, always go for genuinely priced services.


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