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The development team has playfully tested the architecture, which has a system for randomly placing objects, and is looking for close encounters that match the open terrain. Freefall from the airplane to start games is a new feature for the genre that promotes a strategy of staying in the pack, where players seek their own route to have a better chance of finding good loot. Also, play games from g2a games.

In the game, up to a hundred players parachute to an island to capture weapons and equipment and kill each other to avoid being killed. The last player from each team standing wins the round. The available safe areas on the playing map become smaller over time, leading the surviving players into narrower areas of forced encounters.

Partly because of the early-access success of the games, Tencent Games, the largest video game maker in China, approached Bluehole that same month and offered to publish battlegrounds in China by buying shares in the company. Due to the lack of a Chinese publisher offering to publish the game in the country, Tencents players in China had to find ways to purchase and play the game through Steam proxies and other network tricks.

You will receive 4 cards in the Steam version. Play large cards such as the original Erangel or the dry sand of Miramar. Go to fast-paced battles like the snowy land of Vikendi or the jungle fever of Sanhok. PUBG Battlegrounds is not a closed battleground. The cards may change, but the rules remain the same,

You and 99 other players begin the game in a cargo plane that spawns in a corner of the map. The plane reaches an island that can be used at will. Skydiving depends on where you want to go, so remember that your mission is to survive.

PUBG gameplay

The PUBG gameplay can vary from passive to aggressive depending on the player. You can choose to hunt enemy players individually or wait in a camp until only a few people are left.

During a game, 3 electronic music squares will spawn around Erangel. One of the squares seems to spawn on the island, while the other two spawn nearby. The first is an active skill, which is a powerful skill, and the other two are passive abilities, which give buffs to the player. The player needs a cassette to unlock the second and third squares.

Each square represents a different note of the same melody. When the player triggers the lane to play, graffiti is sprayed on the court. Music and graffiti walls will appear next to the graffiti squares on Spawn Island in classic mode, just like in Erangel.

Although PUBG has a strong following on Steam, it has come under pressure from the rival Battle Royale game Fortnite. Released several months after the PUBGs, Fortnum & Mason has become a cultural phenomenon, amassing more than 350 million registered users in just three years.

The tone of voice for PUBG Lite is simple: it is a modified version of the original that is easier to use for low-end PCs. To achieve the minimum specifications, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM, a Core i3 2.4 GHz CPU, DirectX11, Intel HD graphics and a GPU worth $4000 or similar. PUBGs mobile lite is the version of PPUG Lite we have seen so far.


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