You do not own your employee’s social media accounts.


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Recently, I have seen more and more small businesses and groups asking their employees to change their cover or profile photo to the brand of the organization they work for. In addition, for some managers this seems like a great line, while others have put pressure on their teams to promote the brand.


You know how that happens, right?


First, the team manager receives a request like this: “Hey, can you help us all grow our business and change our flagship photo brand image? You all go ahead and do something for us or Buy TikTok Followers. Create a work of art that’s great. !


The first person on the team will walk with you and change their profile picture or cover, and then you will hear the manager welcome this team member. I’ve seen managers ask again and again that it can always be said that it is not necessary, to see if a team member who does not change their personal social media settings should do so. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?


This is my suggestion if you are a team leader or manager and you also want to have a small esprit force for the team.


If a team member wants to help inform your team, ask once and provide a work of art.

Or, you can do what I do, never listen. Duration

Honestly, my marketing team said to me, “Wayne, tell the team to promote our social business or company on social media!”

I never heated up the idea and I was not sure it would happen.


I think we should keep as much distance as possible between work and privacy. I know some people think of it as ‘old school’, but I think they will be happy to buy tiktok followers instantly as an individual for a team, the business world will not always attack it. Productivity will increase.


There are practical and legal reasons not to ask your team to promote your business or team on social media. This is especially true when managers ask their team members about the “positive” pressures that sometimes arise when they want to help the organization.


Employers have the right not to have employees on their personal social media accounts during working hours. This is a legitimate request from employees (but not contract employees, freelancers or unpaid consultants).

Do you need your employees to help your organization? The short answer is no. Do not do this. Social media is the personal and private property of account holders, in this case each of your employees. So, just like you don’t want to give them the key to their house, you can’t read from them to promote business on their accounts.

But if your team still needs the option to promote their business or team from their social media accounts. Yes, you can get them social media art and photos, let them know that it is a resource if they want to use it on their account, but that’s all. Sometimes promoting your business for commercial gain through your social media accounts may violate social media regulations and put you or an employee at legal risk.

The most important thing in the social media age is that if you want to build team spirit or launch an amazing product or join your team, you can provide resources. But if you can’t force or influence them or do anything else, let each one do something from their personal social media accounts.



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