Work in a prosperous country like Canada: apply for your work permit visa now!

canada work visa application

In terms of CIC, “work” is a continual service where wages are paid or commission is earned. If you are currently looking to apply for a Canada work visa application, this post will guide you thoroughly.

Applying for Canada work visa:

  • For a work visa to Canada, you need to be bolstered by a LMIA authorization letter demonstrating that your particular profile of work is in demand in the country. Therefore, before you start with your Canada work visa application, you must check if your job profile is welcomed in the country or not.
  • Afterwards, you must try to get employment in a Canadian firm. In pretty much every case, a work or job offer is required (except open work permit). As soon as you bag a job for you, simply apply for a visa grant at any good consultancy, where they will be guiding you on all the documentation, after-perquisites, etc. You can even apply from the very beginning i.e., at the initial thought of going to Canada on a work visa.

Types of Canadian Work Visa:

To work and live in Canada, a ‘valid’ visa is what you must thrive for. There are various streams under which you can apply for and resettle in Canada for work purposes. Some of the suitable ones are:

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This class is for those skilled workers who hold prior experience in the work industry of Canada. This is one of the three classes of Canada’s biggest immigration program called Express Entry. Under the blanket program of EE- Skilled Worker classification, you not only get work permission but also, permanent residency on the soil of Canada.

Temporary Work Visa: The Temporary Work Permit is another stream, which is impermanent in nature. This permits outsiders to work in Canada on a temporary basis. After a certain time frame, you can extend your visa or apply for a permanent one.

There are 2 sorts of Canada Temporary Work Visa:

  • Open Work Permit – An Open Work Permit is suitable for applicants that are looking for work opportunities in Canada for a fixed timeframe. This classification of work visa lets you enter Canada with no job offer in hand. It doesn’t limit you to work for one particular employer. The only limitation is that you must take up the sort of occupations that are in demand in Canada.
  • Employer Specific Work Permit – This classification of work permit is the exact opposite of the open permit i.e., it requires you to have work or job offer in hand in a Canadian firm. The work visa is attached to the organization you are going to work in so this needs you to bag a job first and then apply for a work visa. The duration depends on your contract of employment or other migration policies by the government of Canada.

Eligibility check for Canada work visa application:

Are you ready to embark on your journey to Canada as a skilled worker? If yes, check if you are eligible to apply:

  • You must provide the Federal government of Canada with enough proof that you will leave Canada when you work permit terminates
  • You must submit the verification of satisfactory assets to sustain you and your family while living in Canada
  • There has to be no past criminal record of your name in your home as well as other countries
  • You must be physically fit and mentally sound with no communicable disease that may stand as jeopardy for the security of Canadian natives

Apply for Canada work visa now:

The work permit process requires extensive research and efforts from the side of the applicant. To save yourself from this toil, we suggest you to appoint the best immigration consultancy in the capital city of India. Currently, Canada is inviting skilled workers to work in the Canadian economy and prosper. So hurry and apply now!


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