WooCommerce and SSL – Why do you need SSL certificates?


Data security is critical to all kinds of enterprises, and especially ecommerce stores need to be able to protect their user data and personal information against misuse and theft. Thus, obtaining an SSL certificate is vital for keeping all your communication secure and prevents growing cyber threats.

SSL certificates help to boost trust and confidence among customers and provide them with a safe and secure online experience while using the WooCommerce platform. Some leading WooCommerce hosting providers offer free SSL certificates, which may be easily installed by the users.

What exactly is SSL in the first place?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is one of the most widely used protocols in cyber security, which is used for securing communication between the server and the browser and was preceded by TLS.

Interestingly, it requires minimal interaction from the end-users for establishing a secure session. SSL may be used to secure communication while ensuring data encryption and data integrity along with authentication, which is vital to all types of users.

Why SSL for WooCommerce sites?

Regardless of the best features offered by WooCommerce, ecommerce companies still face a significant threat from cyber attackers ranging from MiTM to phishingattack along with brute force attempts. SSL certificate is an integral factor for getting high rankings on the SERP” s and Google prefers WooCommerce stores with SSL certificates.

Also, there are many other benefits associated with SSL certified Ecommerce stores as the owners can have access to customer-related information in an encrypted form which helps to safeguard private or confidential data. Website visitors can verify the authenticity of your business, and confidently make a purchase from your online store.

Customers get a greater sense of security and privacy as they will be able to see a pop-up notification when they visit sites secured using SSL certificates.


As we discussed above, SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is used for establishing a secure connection between the web server and the user’s computer.

On the other hand, HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is a combination of HTTPS protocol used by the browser to navigate pages across the Internet and SSL.

HTTPS is also known as secure HTTP and an improved HTTP version that enables authorization and ensures security of online transactions. HTTPS works along with SSL for securely transferring data from one point to the other.

How to choose right SSL certificate for your WooCommerce stores?

WooCommerce is a popular ecommerce plugin for ecommerce stores and provides a solution to manage your products and handle the orders efficiently.

However, using a payment gateway such as PayPal Standard may be useful in redirecting your customers to a secure site through the payment gateway for your transactions.

This option may work out in the beginning if you are planning to go without an SSL certificate.

Moreover, these days it has become necessary to enhance online security for your ecommerce store, and SSL certificate is regarded as a must to safeguard your store against growing cyber threats.

SSL certificate options for your WooCommerce are quite similar to the ones available in the market, and there are no specialized ones used for Ecommerce stores.

However, many options for purchasing an SSL certificate using third parties or independent resellers provide specific SSL certificates.

In addition, you can buy bundled SSL certificates when you purchase a domain name, which works out to be a less expensive option.

Interestingly, instead of purchasing certificates, you could use some great resources such as free SSL certificate as many SSL providers offer 30 days free SSL certificate.

This type of SSL certificate offers same level of encryption to link the client’s browser with your server to ensure that the communication remains encrypted and protected across the Internet.

Adding SSL certificate to your website

There are some of the leading WordPress hosts which also offer free SSL certificates like free ssl certificate through their various plans. However, installing SSL certificates may not be easy for everyone and requires a bit of coding knowledge and some adjustments made to the server. On the other hand, hosting companies allow you to purchase plans along with a free SSL certificate that comes with your hosting account and may be set up within the control panel.

For example,Freesslcertificate,Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, and SiteGround offer such free SSL certificate options for the benefit of their customers. Installing free SSL certificate is an easy task with hosting control panel.

Bluehost provides free SSL certificates as well, but the option is disabled for the users. To enable the settings, go to the -My Sites menu option where you can find horizontal tables visible.

Click on security and go to the section labelled-Security Certificates and click the switch to enable the option.


WooCommerce stores require security against increasing cyber threats, and an SSL encryption can help in encrypting all the essential information and communication to ensure more excellent safety and security.

If ecommerce owners want to ensure the privacy of their customer information, it would be a safe bet to rely on free SSL certificates offered through hosting providers.


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