Wide Plank Flooring Benefits for Your New House


Wooden floors have a certain appeal to them and make your house look glorious and spacious. When you enter a room with wood plank flooring, you feel ease and warmth, and they create an exotic feel in the room.

Wooden floors make houses feel like home.

Many people are still mesmerized by how wooden floors look on the flooring of their home even after years. It gives a natural look to the floors and the house in general looks royal. There are so many choices available in the market that people are spoilt for choice, but the two broad options are between narrow plank wood flooring and wide plank wooden flooring.

Wide plank flooring refers to the solid wood planks that are wider than 2 ½ – 4 inches. They are the trend now, and markets are flooded with them. We will be having a look at the benefits of wide plank flooring for your new house. You can also find plank flooring here.

  1. Easy to install

Wide plank wooden flooring does not take much time to install. Since they are wider in size, it takes less time to install them as compared to narrow planks. Due to this, you can move into your new house earlier!

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that they should be perfectly nailed. Their installation, as well as the planks itself, are cost-effective. It is also said that they bring a positive change to the lifestyle of people living in houses with plank flooring.

  1. Spacious

Their most significant advantage is that they instantly make a place look spacious. It is best to use wide wooden planks in small houses or cramped rooms with little natural light.

Find plank flooring that creates a comfortable and welcoming feel. You can also adjust the size of the planks according to the size of the room. It also makes the room look larger and gives it an airy look.

  1. Low Maintenance

Not just installing them but maintaining them also does not burn a hole in your pocket. They can easily be cleaned by sweeping, mopping, or using a vacuum. They also do not need cleaning very often as compared to marble floors.

Since it is wood, it does not get dirty fast. They are also stain-resistant, which is an added advantage when it comes to maintenance. They are also waterproof & as a result, people preferably use plank flooring in the bathrooms and kitchens as well.

  1. Enhanced quality of living

Wooden flooring does not trap any dust, dirt, or debris in it. This means that they are safe and beneficial for small children playing on the floor or people with allergies. One can walk barefoot on it to feel the natural wooden vibe.

It also goes well with minimal decor, which is in trend these days. The best part is that one can find them in their budget and their preferred style and color. Once installed, it will give our new house a full makeover.

  1. Long-lasting effect

Wooden plank floors can be used for years and years. One might not feel like changing it because they more or less stay intact for years. It is advised to book for a  few repair sessions or get them cleaned once in a while for proper maintenance.

Their fine finishing also makes them resistant to fading, which is another reason for their long-lasting wooden planks. Thus, plank flooring enhances not only the look of the house but also the lifestyle and maintenance routines.

When you move into a new house, you want everything to be perfect. And the primary aspect here is the flooring. When someone enters a home, the floor is one of the first things that they notice. Here, having a well-furnished floor comes into play. Using a wooden plank floor gives a warm feel and a diverse look to the people entering the house.

There are tons of options to choose from, especially now that plank flooring can be easily purchased via online sites. You can find them in every budget, style, and size! So what are you waiting for, turn your new house more comfortable, warm, and stylish?



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