Why you should grow your own cannabis


When you shop online at cannabisseeds.net.au, you can buy yourself some cannabis seeds. These seeds will enable you to grow your own cannabis plants, which you can then smoke, sell, or bake into delicious brownies.

Of course, you could just buy your weed. But today, I want to talk about why growing is better than buying. 


  • Mental Health 


The first reason is that growing (not just cannabis, but anything) can be really good for your mental health. There are a few key reasons for this. 

The first one is that it connects you to nature. You feel at one with the Earth. You’re not just taking from the world, you’re giving back to it.

You also get a strong sense of achievement. You’ve put some effort into what you’re smoking. You haven’t just gone to someone and paid for it, you’ve been putting in time and effort. And as a result, you’ve been able to create something at the end of it. 


  • You’re in control


When you grow your own, you can grow whatever kind you want. No matter where you buy your cannabis from, you will always be limited by what the merchant is selling. However, by growing your own, you’re given more power and more control. 

If you want something more mellow and relaxing, you can create something with higher CBD. If you want more of a high, just add more THC. 

When you grow your own, you get to control the fertiliser you use, the water, and anything else. It’s all in your hands. 


  • We live in Australia


We live in a country that’s great for growing marijuana! It’s becoming big business and for good reason. 

The soil we have in some places is very fertile. Making it ideal for growing any sort of plant. And of course, not forgetting our big hot friend in the sky. Because of the amount of heat that we get in this part of the world, the plant can easily get more than enough sunlight. 

In other countries, people will pay high electricity bills for lights that they can grow the weed under. But we don’t need that kind of thing! 


  • Air Miles


Usually, when you buy cannabis, it will have a lot of air miles on it. It’s probably been grown hundreds of miles from where you live, and the amount of gas that the plane or boat gave out is going to blow your mind! 

On the other hand, the amount of air miles that you give off by walking to your garden, and back into your house is zero! 

We only have one planet, and we are killing it. Everyone needs to do what they can to stop the planet from reaching breaking point. 


  • Conclusion


If you’re going to smoke it, then I would highly recommend you also grow it! There are so many benefits to growing your own. 

It’s great for your mental health. It puts you in complete control. It reduces your air miles by 100%, and we live in a country with the perfect climate for growing cannabis. 


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