Why University of Phoenix Students Continue to Praise Their Instructors


Sit back and think about your most positive experiences in education for a moment. When most of us reflect on our favorite classes, lessons and interactions, our teachers come to mind as the ones who made learning formative and memorable. After looking at what past and present University of Phoenix students had to say about their instructors, the role of teachers as the catalyst to empower students throughout their education and beyond becomes apparent.


Practitioners and professionals

University of Phoenix is known for its premier online learning programs that help students complete degree or certificate programs on their chosen terms. While the nature of remote programs may place miles in between students and staff, instructors continue to go the extra mile to make sure their students feel supported wherever and whenever they enroll with the University.


Bonnie Niles is just one example. Niles earned her bachelor’s degree six years before enrolling at University of Phoenix, where she graduated with a master’s degree in 2020. Niles confirmed that University of Phoenix’s practitioner-driven instruction went the distance to help her complete her graduate degree program online. Niles admired that “the instructors that are assigned to each course are experienced, knowledgeable working people.” Niles chose University of Phoenix “because of the flexibility of online education that coincided with my schedule as an already working adult.”


Laura Collins, a current University of Phoenix student, also raved about how instructors make a work-life-education balance possible. Collins, who is also employed full time in a demanding work setting, shared that she has had positive experiences with each of her instructors thus far. Regarding her coursework, she found that each class “has clear instructions” that empowered her to learn “vital information…to be a better case manager” at her current place of employment.


Breaking down barriers to earning a post-secondary education

A significant portion of University of Phoenix students enroll while managing pre-existing obligations. These include commitments such as full-time employment, child dependents and military service. Overall, the University’s commitment to making sure its students can earn their education while not sacrificing any responsibilities at home or work would simply not be possible without its instructors.


University of Phoenix’s instructors are known for putting a personal touch on their student communications. Because the University administers hundreds of robust online learning programs, the transition to social distancing and quarantining at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic did not sacrifice the quality of education students received. With quality under control, instructors could exceed all expectations to support their students.


Brian Durning, who completed his University of Phoenix master’s degree program during the COVID-19 pandemic, agreed. Durning confirmed that the University “provides an excellent education with instructors that have real-world experience…the staff care about you and want to see you succeed.” Brian went on to explain that he felt “very supported” throughout his master’s degree program and the struggles he “had during the pandemic.”


It is understandable why prospective adult students hesitate to return to the classroom when considering all that they have to manage already. Fortunately, University of Phoenix instructors consistently demonstrate how much they truly value the unique path of adult learners. This reminds students that their own unique time management skills and perspectives, which stemmed from their life experiences, can help prepare them for whatever they choose as their future career path.


Mischa Coleman, a current University of Phoenix student, found that although her “classes have been challenging,” her instructors played a critical role in empowering her “to get through the most difficult sections.” Coleman’s experience speaks to how prospective University students need not worry about the quality of their education or feel discouraged by potential academic challenges. Similarly, Karen, a former University of Phoenix student, found that her instructors “made it convenient” for her “to have the work, school and life balance.” As a result, she could meet the outcomes she sought to achieve in the classroom even though the chartered path had ambitious demands.


About University of Phoenix

Adult learners typically come to the classroom with entirely different circumstances than traditional university students. At University of Phoenix, a commitment to adult learners is more than a goal; it’s a mission. Founded in 1976, the University opened with a specific intention to make higher education more accessible for adults. Nearly half a century later, University of Phoenix continues to fulfill its mission through its broad-based online learning degree and certificate programs that can help prepare students for over 300 professional occupations.


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