Why to Check Out 2021 Honda CR-V Compact SUV?


2020 12 22

While there are many SUVs in the market, one which fits all the bills is 2021 Honda CR-V, a compact sport utility vehicle. Itis a remarkable car from the first introduced modeland the new versiondoesn’t disappoint though there are just a few subtle changes. This is why people going to a Honda dealer Bay Area, are always taking a test ride of this vehicle and booking it on spot. Don’t listen to anyone; see why it is dubbed as such an outstanding vehicle.

Engine equipped in 2021 CR-V

1.5L engine equipped in this model offers sufficient power as well as sporty sound and is teamed with a CVT (continuous variable transmission); it produces 190 horsepowerand along with smooth transmission makes driving this vehicle a great experience. It also has a towing limit of 1500 pounds, which is quite similar to some of its rivals.

Though, acceleration might not be as quick as one thinks but this car offers a refined ride that no other car in this segment can offer.With strong brakes and enthusiastic steering 2021 CR-V offers a compliant and composed ride, whether long or short. Moreover, it comes with responsive brakes, which means that it offers ample stopping power whenever one needs it.

Another variant to the 2021 model is a hybrid model that is fitted with four-cylinder 2L engine along with 2 electric motors which gives 212 hp combined. The hybrid model is unobtrusive and smooth. Also, its mitigated engine offers a quitter cabin that allows people to enjoy a drive much more.

The gas version offers 28 mpg in city and maximum of 34 mpg on highway. The hybrid version provides in cities 40 mpg and 35 mpg on highways. You can ask for details about fuel efficiency and more when visiting Bay Area Honda dealer.

Great interior for ideal comfort

A spacious and stylish interior is what owners of CR-V 2021 gets. Top quality materials used for creating a familiar layout like its predecessors provide a contemporary feel and look. When manufacturing the interior, tasteful balance is what creators kept in mind. This is why; they used ultimate balance of chromed plastics, faux wood. Satin finish, etc. gives it an elegant over interior.

Supportive and well-sculpted seats help in driving for long hours without any issue. In addition, 2021 CR-V comes with the largest luggage space and cargo volume in this segment. Moreover, it has useful and user-friendly equipment that makes it an ideal car to have.

12 different models

For the 2021 CR-V 12 different versions are available for people to choose from; the base trim LX starts from $26,470. The top tier trims include Touring and Touring Hybrid, estimated cost of these are$35,000 and $37,000 respectively. However, most people can simply opt for the EX-L Hybrid, which is priced at $34,000 (estimated price), if he/she doesn’t want to spend more by getting the top trims mentioned.

Therefore, all you need is to talk to a dealer and book a model which suits your purpose the most. Hurry!


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