Why should you opt for Powerstroke Fuel Injectors?



Let’s suppose there’s an Engine. Consider this engine to be a team of several players. The players might include Cylinders, Crankshafts, Numerous valves, and such. But before starting with the game, we need a captain, too, right? A captain-like component plays the most integral part in the proper functioning of the engine. It complements the other player’s performance accordingly and without which the whole team becomes purposeless.

This captain of the engine is the Powerstroke Injector. This Injector is used to precisely control the delivery of fuel inside the combustion chamber of the machine. It sends an electrical signal that permits the high-pressure oil to enter the injector unit, which also opens up the injecting needle with the help of which fuel can be injected inside the chamber. With the help of an efficient fuel injector, the engine’s performance and power increase significantly.

Introduced in 1994, the power stroke engines and the injectors completely revolutionized the truck diesel engines. It is believed that the 7.3-Litre Powerstroke engine was the best engine that ever got manufactured exclusively for diesel engines. In 2004, the 7.3L got replaced by the 6.0-liter Powerstroke engine because of government emission standards, which also turned out to be as successful as their predecessor. This new generation engine proved its metal significantly in various circumstances. But an engine is nothing without a good fuel injector. So let’s discuss a little more about the properties and features that make Powerstroke Injectors the best in their field and why opting for them will be the best decision for your engine.

Advantages of Powerstroke Injectors

  • Digital Reliability: The new generation of fuel injectors that supplies the engine with precisely the right amount of fuel are electronically controlled and are 17 times more reliable than their previous versions. Earlier, the distribution was done by a normal process that caused harm to the efficiency of the engine appropriately. The injectors used to add more fuel to the chamber needed, which leads to excessive heat generation inside it. This used to add more financial burden on the truck owners and harm the engines in many ways. Technologically enriched injectors and advanced artificial intelligence for their governance have successfully made these injectors a well-performing and efficient part of any diesel engine. This feature and technology make these Injectors last for 150,000 to 300,000 miles without any hassle.

  • Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM): The FICM thoroughly communicates with the sensors to calculate the time to turn on the injectors. This provides the truck with several advantages like towing large loads, increased truck power, and steady torque output.

  • Increased Fuel Economy: The Powerstroke Injectors give you a significantly better fuel economy if you compare it with the Sporadic fuel injection. Several Truck owners observed an average of 16-18 mpg.

  • Early Alarming System: The new generation of Injectors comes with an early warning system that alerts the user about the maintenance schedules and makes them aware of the engine’s actual condition or working output.

  • A-code Injectors: All Powerstroke Injectors are called the A-Code Injector because of the unique plunger size (6.0mm) and intensifier piston size (16 mm) have. With the help of this particular size, the fuel injection’s control pressure can be significantly controlled, which benefits the engine accordingly in many ways.

  • Large Nozzles: Fuel Injectors with large nozzles would lead to more fuel being injected into the engine, leading to more power being generated by the engine that will benefit you in diverse ways.

  • Split Technology: With this technology’s help, a split injector injects fuel twice into a combustion chamber. The first injection is called the Pilot Injection, which inserts a little oil into the chamber. With this, the cylinder gets warm that smoothes the combustion process for the main injection.

  • Less Noise: Another impressive feature that Powerstroke Injectors provides is a significant reduction in engine noise.

  • Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injector Technology (HEUI): This technology offers direct injection inside the Power stroke. Each of the chambers has its fuel injectors which require the assistance of two electronically-controlled oil pumps. These pumps enable the high-pressure rails to increase the fuel pressure for the injectors. This also allowed the engines to increase their horsepower significantly that also leads to more torque.

Powerstroke Injectors offer various advantages to the diesel engines like increased efficiency, better peak torque, increased RPM, and much more. With such countless benefits that this class of Injectors offers to the engine, there’s no doubt why this particular type of Injector proves to be an essential element for any Diesel engine out there.


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