Why Should You Get Motorized Window Shades?


Motorized window shades are often overlooked by homeowners on account of their higher cost and longer installation process. Unfortunately, the benefits of installing these (which far outweigh the other considerations) are never really considered by most people. When technology has progressed enough for you to control your window shades by simply clicking a button, you should not have to manually open and close your blinds every time you want to adjust the light in your room.

In recent years, more and more homeowners have been turning to motorized window shades instead of plain old blinds and drapes, and there have been almost no regrets so far. We will explain exactly why getting motorized a shade is much more beneficial for you.


  1. They are much more convenient.

When you can control the temperature of your air conditioner using a button, why would you need to physically open and close your blinds all the time? Technology exists to make our lives more convenient, and motorized window shades are just another product that eases your life. You can open and close them at your preferred timings, or schedule a fixed time every day to raise or lower them.

  1. You save up on energy expenses.

Motorized shades help you control your energy expenses quite significantly. The amount of heat that enters your home on a summer day can make your cooling system work more to maintain the temperature inside the room. If the shade you opt for comes with sun sensors, then they can detect when your room is heating up due to excess solar gain, and close up automatically. This won’t overwork your air conditioners and you would end up paying cheaper bills.

  1. Enhanced security and privacy.

Let’s face it, no one likes it when strangers peek into your rooms from outside and are able to see everything because of your light and translucent drapes. While you need to let in sunlight and air, unsolicited looks and peeks are definitely not on the list of welcome items. Your motorized shades will protect your home from such unwarranted attention and let in light and air normally.

When you are away from your home, your motorized shades would still work as they would, and this would give the impression that you are at home. This enhances the security and discourages burglaries.

  1. Furniture protection.

Excessive sunlight can cause your furniture to age and fade much quicker. Using motorized blinds will not allow sunlight in the room for too long, hence your furniture would not require heavy maintenance or periodic replacement.

In addition to these, using motorized window shades add an element of class and elegance to your home, making it more energy efficient as well as increasing curb appeal. Your house would automatically rise up a few points in the market price list as well with this inclusion.


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