Why Should You Choose A Versatile POS System?


As a business owner you should ensure that your business is able to do everything in order to retain and attract new customers. In order to do this, you should be able to accept different types of payment methods from customers.

With the advancement in technology and the world moving at a rapid pace it is important for your business to keep up with it. Ensuring that you accept all types of payments from customers would make them want to do business with you. 

Having a POS system in place would allow you to accept different payment methods from customers. You can choose to use a POS clover which is not just versatile but also efficient in more ways than one. We look at different reasons that make clover one among the best. 

Salient Features of Clover

If you are looking for the best merchant services it may be a good idea to choose POS clover. This is due to the many advantages that comes along with this POS system. Below we list the top advantages that you have with the POS clover merchant services system. 

  • Added Security: It is imperative that your business has the best security system in place when it comes to the data it uses. Having your customer’s financial information safe means that your business has a high level of integrity and safety. With the clover system you would be able to have an inbuilt encryption that is the best in the industry. This means that it makes it virtually impossible for hackers to steal credit and debit card information of your customers with the clover POS system that you use for transactions.
  • Seamless Integration: When you choose to use a clover POS system you make sure that your integration with other clover devices is seamless. This includes a clover go or a clover mini that you might want to use for your business. Any of the clover products that you use can be integrated without any trouble whatsoever with the POS clover that you have invested in. Often people face difficulties when it comes to integration of the POS with multiple hardware or software applications. However, with clover you would not be faced with any such difficulty whatsoever when you choose to integrate multiple programs. 
  • Additional Applications: When you invest in a clover system you would get to access about 100 additional applications that are useful for your business. This means that you not just get the best merchant services but also get additional applications to use. This can help you manage your business in an efficient manner. Managing staff, their shifts, timings, roster, and other useful applications are available for you to use along with the clover. These applications that are available with clover makes your business run smooth without the need for 3rd party software or hardware. It would also help you cut down on costs which you would otherwise have to spend on other applications. 
  • Ease of Use: Another important feature that you get with the clover is the ease at which your employees can use it. The clover POS system is easy to use for anyone who has experience with using a smart phone. No special computer knowledge is required to be able to handle the system in an efficient manner. With a touch screen, your employees would be able to handle the clover system with no trouble at all. The point of sale system can be integrated in such a way that it works well with any employees that need access to it. Your employees would also be able to learn to use it much faster than any available in the market. With a system that is easy to use your employees would save a lot of time which would otherwise be spent with working on the POS. 
  • Data Driven: When you choose to use a clover point of sale system, you make your business more data driven. Analyzing numbers, creating spreadsheets, graphs, and customer trends become a lot easier with this system. Moreover, you also have the latest in terms of technology as clover upgrades their software and hardware regularly. This makes sure that all the available programming is state of the art keeping up with the latest in the market. 

These advantages are said to make clover one of the best in the industry in terms of POS. Without having an application of this sort in place your business would find it difficult to keep up with the advancement in technology.


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