Why should Royale Touch’s High-Pressure Laminates be your first choice?


Nothing feels better when you come back home after a hectic day knowing you will be able to relax and rejuvenate in comfortable surroundings. Since most of your time is spent at home, a well-designed interior makes it easy to live peacefully and comfortably. The key to a splendid home decor is the colours that create a visual harmony in the living space. In which case, the ideal way to achieve a soothing design is to use laminates, which are a staple when it comes to interior décor solutions. 

Moreover, when it comes to laminates, HPL or high-pressure laminates holds the top position because of their beneficial aspects compared to other surfacing solutions. Besides, it has high demand in both residential and commercial décor requirements in contemporary times. HPL is manufactured in a mulita-step method plus it comprises up to eight layers of Kraft paper integrated with decorative paper, resin, and a transparent layer. After that, it is mounted to a substrate like Plywood or MDF. 

Royale Touche manufactures HPL sheets that are considered the best in India because of their durability and visual appeal. Learn more about why you should choose Royale Touche’s high-pressure laminates for your interior design needs. 

Variety like you’ve never seen before

Royale Touche provides the largest design collection that is based on the latest trends. With a variety of colours and textures, there are also several finishes to choose from. Also, when it comes to the versatility of HPL, they are best to meet the functional and decorative needs of your home décor. It can be also applied in both horizontal and vertical positions without any hindrance. These laminates are ideal for countertops, worktops, wall linings and other surfacing solutions as well. It’s their versatile application that makes them the most popular laminates used for décor. 

Strong Scratch and Impact Resistance

One of the major advantages of installing high-pressure laminate sheets is it is a highly resistant material when it comes to strong impacts and scratches. That is why it is always preferred in both commercial and residential spaces as it helps in retaining the brightness and gloss much longer compared to other surfacing solutions. Moreover, furniture and doors laminated with HPL create the illusion of authentic textures that enhances the elegance of home décor. 

Hygienic Properties

If you are searching for a hygienic surfacing solution, nothing would be better than Royale Touche’s high-pressure laminates. Mainly, the growth of bacteria is dependent on nutrition and moisture, none of which is possible in HPL. Its moisture resistance characteristics make it an antibacterial surface solution besides being a surface that cannot be penetrated by dirt and dust. 

Infiltration resistance 

This is another advantage of installing high-pressure laminate in the furniture of your home. It’s a highly hermetic product that makes infiltration of water or any other liquid impossible under the surface. That is why this laminate is considered best because it is immune to environmental changes as it has a very low moisture or water absorption percentage. 

Light Stability and UV Ray Resistance

High-pressure laminates do not fade even if they are continuously exposed to light for long hours. In other words, the colour and design of the furniture will remain the same even after years of installation. Since HPL is resistant to UV rays and light, it does not fade with time. 

Resistant to Stains

High-pressure laminates are popular for their high resistance to stain. The sheets that are used in the manufacturing of HPL are soaked in resins that waterproof the surface, and hence, do not allow stains to penetrate the underlying layers. 

Heat Resistance

The burning temperature of HPL is very high which makes it resistant to high temperatures. In other words, it is much better than wood products because it can stay stable up to 180° C without degrading over a short period.


Anti-static is another characteristic of high-pressure laminates, which means it reduces the voltage when the electric charge passes through it to the ground. The benefit of having this laminate is it minimises the risk of spark or damage to sensitive appliances that can amount to huge losses. The other benefit of having this HPL flooring is that it does not attract dust and prevents the accumulation of dust on the floor. 

Finally, HPL is easy to clean and maintain. The stain resistance and anti-static properties make it easier to clean and maintain and help in keeping the furniture shining throughout the year. However, it is advisable to use a soft cloth and mild soap when cleaning the surface. 

Mainly abrasive, alkaline or very chlorinated cleaning products should be kept far from HPL surfaces. Being the best laminate brand in India, Royale Touche manufactures the best high-pressure laminate in India. If you are searching for HPL for your home design, explore the catalogue of Royale Touche to choose your colour and style in high-pressure laminates from a wide variety of choices. 


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