Why Python is trending


Python one of the famous programming language has shown incredible splurge over the passing years.

Sometimes referred to as “Utilitarian”- designed to be simple to read and write.

The designers have incorporated it in their systems dues to its easy syntax and flexibility.

It is a multipurpose language that eases career switches.

Google is the largest platform that has incorporated python in their systems for the application.

Why is python popular?


Python is an easy language to use and learn. It is the most approachable programming language with an easy syntax. It doesn’t require any heavy software downloads to function in a system.

Increased productivity

The prime reason for python’s popularity is high productivity compared to other programming languages like C++ and Java.

It is compact and a descriptive language, that requires less time, effort, and code lines to execute an operation.

Extensive library and framework ecosystem

Due to its worldwide application, python has excellent backup data, which forms a guide to millions of other programmers saving time and effort during the initial stage of code development.

Supported by plenty of cloud services, the python library is accessible to all programmers worldwide which makes a demand for data science with python training.

Frameworks such as

1.Matplotib- are a ready-made framework for plotting charts and graphs.

  1. Scripty for General Science and Math
  2. NumPy for Scientific calculations

Versatility, efficiency, reliability

Python can be used in a variety of environments, such as mobile applications, PCs, Web developer, Hardware programming, and game development without depreciation in its performance.

No program offers such features in one platform altogether.

Benefits of python beat the performance

Features like one-liners and the dynamic type system of python enable developers to create fewer code lines for tasks that demand long codes in other programming languages.

Python is slower than Java but doesn’t take ages to develop and python odes are 3-5 times shorter than Java code.


In today’s, race against time, the world demands technology that is super fast in processing and execution.

A lot many features are considered for an application to be successful, with speed being the prime aspect.

In the parameters for judging the efficiency of an application; speed plays an important role.

Python has been in the market for a long and has fibered into the industry extensively.

The vast library and framework for support make it comprehendible software.

An application like Django and Flask are created using python. These applications help in Web Developing.

Tensor flow helps for deep learning and Panda in data analysis.


The flexibility of python helps easy integration into any software enabling easy application development.

Python is used to create applications in the field of Healthcare, Business, Gaming, Finance, and also Education.

Big Data, Machine learning, and Cloud Computing.

These are some of the hottest trends in the IT market these days.

These software’s are helping the organizations to transform and improve their process and workflow.

After R, python is the second most popular language.

The seamless compatibility between the cloud networks; makes the application of python easy across organizations. Data science with Python certification is in huge demand as its widely recognized by foremost MNC’s.

 Large developer community 

Python is extensively used in multiple companies, from AI to gaming to productivity tools. Python has a healthy and friendly developer community.

An example of which is PyLadies- a worldwide organization for females who are interested in learning python.

The python community is so large; that anybody needing help anywhere across the world can be guided to solutions.





Python language eases the automation of tasks. The tools and modules available in the software make things much compatible and comfortable.


Python is a simple programming language with easy syntax, code readability, and English-like commands making coding in python easier and efficient.

Python shouldn’t be considered a programming panacea, because there are tons of programming language invented.

We should never underestimate the potentialities of python.

It is claimed the fastest growing programming language and the most visited worldwide.


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