Why Porcelain Tile is a Good Choice for Your Outdoor Patio


September 2020 – You’ve probably already heard of porcelain tile for indoor spaces. Your home may even already have porcelain tiles. However, many homeowners still don’t consider porcelain tiles for paving outdoor spaces.

The belief that porcelain tile can’t be used for outdoor spaces is largely due to the idea that porcelain is a vulnerable material. While traditional indoor porcelain tiles are vulnerable to freezing, outdoor porcelain tiles are specifically made to be durable and resistant to the elements. These outdoor tiles are made with double the thickness of the standard indoor porcelain tiles. They are therefore hard wearing and strong. They are especially suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

Porcelain is made by subjecting fine clays to extremely high temperatures. This results in a material that is dense and non-porous. For this reason, outdoor porcelain tiles are resistant to frost. Water cannot be absorbed by the tiles. Therefore, it cannot cause damage to the tiles when it freezes.

The non-porous nature of porcelain also makes it stain-resistant. You, therefore, won’t have to worry about food spillage or grass stains ruining your patio. You can wipe liquids off the surface of the tiles without worrying about staining. The non-porous tiles are also resistant to the growth of mold and algae.


Another great reason to take advantage of that outdoor porcelain tile sale is that these tiles are low-maintenance. You won’t need to seal the pavement after its installation as you would with a porous natural stone such as limestone. The porcelain tiles are already non-porous. They won’t absorb water.  You don’t have to worry about buying special cleaning equipment or products either. Maintenance of your patio will be as simple as wiping the tiles clean with a mop and regular soapy water.

Porcelain tiles offer a wide variety of options when it comes to designs and colors. Porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and prints. You can achieve a traditional natural stone look similar to sandstone, limestone or granite or go with a colorful pattern to show your creative and quirky side. You can also achieve other traditional looks such as wood with porcelain tile.

Worried about safety? You can choose a porcelain tile that has been manufactured with a non-slip surface. These tiles are a great option for wet areas such as around pools. They are also a great choice for outdoor spaces that are completely exposed to the elements.

Many people shy away from using porcelain tiles for outdoor spaces as they are more expensive than other options available such as ceramic tiles. However, porcelain tiles are more durable. You will get more life out of them than other options. You’ll also get many more options in terms of design than you would with other types of outdoor tiles offer.

If the price is the only thing preventing you from considering porcelain tiles for your patio, visit the Buy Tiles and More online store and save money by buying discount tiles. You’ll get high-quality tiles at a great price.  


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