Why People Should Buy Amped Wireless Router (441)


To suit your daily internet speed, one should be careful while buying the Wi-Fi router. In our daily lives, we spend more time on streaming videos, scrolling Facebook, Instagram, including other social media channels, which indicate a clear requirement for a Wi-Fi router.

However, not every modem and routers are designed equal. Having one type of router does not mean you can play videos, share photos, and continue online meetings without any issues. Besides, now people are mostly living indoor, so it’s pretty evident that a good Wi-Fi router is essential.

So if you have a big family and every time your wireless router is connected with several devices, in such a situation expecting fast loading and reliable performance from one old router could break you!

Have you ever thought about how can you increase and speed up internet performance without spending more? It’s so simple! With Amped wireless router, your whole family can binge-watching Netflix, HD games, and business meetings simultaneously on your laptop, TV, and mobiles. Upgrading your old router can affect the overall internet performance in a better way!

Trying to explore the setup procedure for the Amped Wireless Router?

In this blog, we will guide the instructions to connect the Amped wireless router in your smart home. Also with the Plug and Play setup, setting up the wireless router on your laptop and computer becomes simple. So, let’s start extending the existing Wi-Fi network here;

  • Plug the device to power on the router.
  • Find the available network on your laptop and then connect
  • Enter the password to connect with the amped wireless network.
  • Once connected, open the browser on the same laptop and type


  • Again enter the username and password to login into the admin panel.
  • If you have entered the correct credentials, you will successfully enter into the login panel.

Reasons to Buy Amped Wireless Router?

The first and foremost reason to have an amped wireless router is B1900RT because it brings reliable, wide coverage and ultra-fast internet speed. This new amped wireless router is designed with 4 Antenna-Rx technology which helps to deliver equal speed to all the connected devices.

  1. It eliminates dead spots.
  2. Gives buffer-free experiences while watching web series, streaming, and videos.
  3. Also avails advances security such as blocking insecure websites, Firewall setup.
  4. Capacity to create 8 separate networks for guests with restricted access.

Still, need reasons to buy the Amped wireless router? No, then what are you waiting for? Go and get this ultra-super Wireless device online and if needed any help in the setup, talk to us here.


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