Why is Medical Air Service a Perfect Choice?


Medical transport services through the air are expensive and certainly, not everyone can afford it. However, considering the importance of every second in medical services, air ambulance services are worth every penny. Air ambulances are generally used when road transportation can endanger the patient’s life. There are numerous benefits of medical transport services.

Let us take a look at some of them:-

Eliminates traffic and problems relating to road congestion

In a country like India, with the increase in population, we see a surge in vehicles every passing day. There is also a rise in the number of road accidents. Road blockages- due to accidents, constructions pose a threat to the emergency response team as they have to reach the destination in time. To avoid these situations, air ambulance services are the most appropriate mode of medical transportation. For instance, the Air ambulance service in Bangalore is a preferred alternative since the unpredictability of the Bangalore road traffic can cost someone’s life.

Offers similar features to a traditional ambulance

An Air ambulance offers similar facilities to that of a traditional ambulance and sometimes even more. For instance, AeroMed’s Air ambulance service in Mumbai consists of all the basic life-supporting types of equipment such as oxygen tank, BP monitor machine, etc, and also advanced life-supporting equipment such as ventilators, IV pumps, pulse oximetry, etc. There’s a team of professionals accompanying the patient during the voyage. This team consists of qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and paramedics who can perform necessary pre-hospitalization requirements for the patient during transit.

Organ transplant transport

Air ambulances are most effective for organ transplant transport services. Organs are often damaged in transport. Time plays an important role in protecting the organs. Air ambulances play a crucial role in transferring the organs from source to destination safely. AeroMed air ambulance services are very effective in organ transplant transport services. We have tie-ups with India’s leading hospitals and we have air ambulances operating at all routes throughout India. We can quickly the source of the donor organ and bring it safely to the destination with the help of an air ambulance.

Aids in dealing with accidents and casualties- Patients who met with an accident are often critical. With the help of air ambulances, they can be airlifted from the spot and transferred to the nearby hospital very quickly. Patients who meet with an accident are often under severe trauma and give up within the first hour. An air ambulance can aid in transferring them to the hospital very quickly thus saving a precious life.

The above points mentioned contribute to the fact that air medical services are the best.  AeroMed is one of the leading air medical service providers. Our services include- Air ambulances, private charters, commercial stretcher, Organ transplant transport, neonatal transfers, Train ambulance services, etc. Call us for a worry-free air medical service experience.


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