Why is granite the most preferred material for non-stick cookware?

Granite kitchenware is a form of cookware that comprises of a core of aluminum or carbon steel with a porcelain enamel coating. The word “granite” is because such kitchenware looks like granite. A trend amongst households is using granite kitchenware for non-stick cookware. Earlier, most would use non-stick steel cookware. However, what is the reason for this trend? There are quite a few reasons for so many households opting for granite for non-stick kitchenware. A key reason is that granite pans are amongst the most reasonably priced in the market. People can get granite kitchenware for as little as $20.

The reasons for the popularity of granite non-stick cookware

Besides the very reasonable cost, there are other reasons for granite being the most preferred non-stick cookware.

One is that granite cookware isn’t heavy and weigh less than cast iron cookware. Thus, it is very convenient for people who go out camping and on other outings. Moreover, they are very convenient for people who have wrist problems, like the elderly.

A great advantage of a granite non-stick pan or other kitchenware is that they don’t rust. So, homeowners need not wipe their granite non-stick pan after washing. As they don’t rust, they are usable for a long time.

The porcelain coating of granite kitchenware is inert. Thus, it doesn’t react to acidic foods. However, homeowners must take some precautions to keep the coating intact. They should always use medium heat while cooking. They should let the pan cool down before washing. It’s also important to wash gently and use wooden or plastic spoons to avoid scratches.

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Their glossy and smooth surface is a great advantage. Homeowners can easily make out any dirt and can clean them easily. The surface also makes granite kitchenware attractive.

Homeowners do not have to season granite kitchenware to make them totally non-stick. Seasoning is usually done to remove any uneven spots on the coating of non-stick cookware used regularly. Granite kitchenware is naturally seasoned. Granite kitchenware is also free of any harmful chemicals, including lead, cadmium, PTFE, and PFOA.

The core of carbon steel or aluminum is a good conductor of heat. Thus, granite kitchenware heat faster, and thus homeowners can cook faster.

People buying granite kitchenware should take some precautions

People out to purchase granite cookware should know that all cookware is not the same. Thus, they must consider some factors before buying one.<b

Granite kitchenware is safe for use, provided that the coating is intact. Quality brands have a durable coating. Some have a ceramic particle to strengthen the coating. The cookware must be compatible with the cooktop present in households. Those who have a glass cooktop must not buy granite kitchenware. It could crack their glass cooktop. People should also check that the handle of the cookware is insulated and can remain cool. It makes cooking comfortable.</b


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