Why Is Android App Testing Prominent?


We probably know that Android application plays a crucial role in the mobile platform and creates a revolution in the mobile industry. Today, it’s not just a mobile platform but also one of the best ways to accomplish business and personal needs in the most efficient manner. The credit of developing an app goes to user-friendly apps, and anyone can use the full potential of your smartphone when you install quality android apps that make your work easier. In this section, we are going to obtain some useful information regarding Android App Testing and how this is beneficial to your app success.

What are the reasons to perform android app testing?

App testing is an essential step in the entire application development process before releasing it to the play store. Android has turned on to become the major source to make all your personal and business needs and accomplished successfully. Once you bought an Android device, you could make use of it by installing it from the wide range of apps in the play store. Users always choose high quality and user-friendly apps to reduce the burden of work.

To make a successful application, it is essential to deliver what the user requires and expects. Every user needs a good quality app with no bugs and ease of access. If they are not satisfied with that app, they will surely jump into another app since hundreds of applications are available in the market. Here are some of the reasons why you’ve to go for app testing:

  • Testing is a critical phase for the success of the application
  • App testing helps to attract more users
  • Making use of advanced testing gives a bug-free app

The major cause why it requires is manual testing always comes with lots of challenges. But Android app testing performs all the procedures and runs the test cases to collect results and allows you to proceed further.

Is there any android app testing tool available? 

Every enterprise target an android platform due to its massive reach market share. As a developer, it becomes essential for each business to focus on the user experience delivered its application to keep users engaged. There are some widely used tools are mentioned below for your consideration:

Appium – Uses standard test automation APIs

Selendroid – Make use of this for both real devices and emulators

Robotium – Allows users to write automated black-box UI tests

UI Automator – Enables you to write black box-style automated tests

How do the features of the Android testing framework work? 

The Android testing framework is one of the most significant parts of the development environment. Its set-up gives architecture and powerful tools, which allow you to test every part of your application. You have to use Android App Testing for each level of the app development from the unit of the framework. Testers always use SDK tools for building and tests since it is a very important phase of Android app development. So developers can’t ignore this step if you neglect, it can make a huge impact on your application success.


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