Why is an Appropriate Rapid Authoring Tool essential to Develop the Best Corporate eLearning Solution?

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Rapid Authoring Tools are a big hit, nowadays, for content creation. In fact, e-learning companies use rapid authoring tools to make impactful content that help the learners to enhance their knowledge, and get a deep understanding about the practical applications of the concepts. One of the biggest reasons for its popularity being, it enables to develop a robust corporate e-learning solution that is compatible with various types of file formats; supports different types of operating systems and devices, and allows to export the content in several multimedia formats. Further, content can be built and arranged as per the domestic curriculum format and international standards, attuned with SCORM compliant LMS.


Top rapid authoring tools for developing corporate e-learning solution


A diverse range of rapid authoring tools are used by various eLearning companies in Delhi, and other cities in India for developing corporate e-learning solutions. The best aspect of using rapid authoring tools is that e-learning courses can be created within weeks when compared to other authoring tools which take months to develop a corporate e-learning solution. Rapid authoring tools like Articulate 360, iSpring, Lectora Inspire, and Adobe Captivate have tons of features that enable the creators to build corporate eLearning solutions based on intricate scenarios. The features range from hundreds to thousands of illustrator and photographic characters in different stances and backgrounds. It also allows us to create interactive and responsive e-learning solutions that ensure that the learners are hooked on to the learning materials through various activities and games. These rapid authoring solutions also allow the courses to be published in HTML5 format, the successor of Adobe flash, thus enabling learning through mobile devices simple and easy. Corporate eLearning solutions become easy to develop when the authoring tools have inbuilt templates, themes, images and animations. Translation support to different languages such as Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Arabic and other languages is incorporated within the rapid e-learning authoring solutions. This helps the learners from different countries origin; belonging to the same company to undergo training, without facing the language barrier issue, irrespective of where they are. In addition to this, the authoring tools allow to customise the content as per the requirements of the organisation and the learners. For instance, content can be tuned to meet the learning speed and style of the learners. The content when uploaded on LMS allows the learners to access them as when possible and at a place of their convenience.


Other benefits of using rapid authoring tools 


There are many eLearning companies in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities that prefer to introduce branching scenarios in the corporate eLearning solution to make the learning more interesting, challenging and check the understanding ability of the learners. When branching scenarios are introduced in the e-learning materials, the learners have to explore the problem in more than one way. Thus, the branching scenario technique turns out to be more like a puzzle challenge, which pushes the learners to consider various problem solving methodologies to solve a certain problem. Apart from this, other appealing features include exporting content in Rich Text Format (RTF); fast turnaround time; addition of assessments and questionnaire; economical cost, and many more features.


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