Why Everyone Is In Love With The G Shock?

Why Everyone Is In Love With The G Shock?

Casio G shock watches are highly economical. As they are cheap, they also have extraordinary features. These watched are more reliable and have sporty look. The elegant design and advanced technology make it the center of attraction at the best online watch store for the customers.

With its most interesting history it has a unique developmental process. The watch manufacturing has a unique history. The project of watch production was led by Kikuo Ibe who wanted a most reliable Casio G shock sale. A team was created to accomplish the goal of watch production. the team was called ‘Tough Team’.

The main consent of the team was the product of the quality and they consider aesthetic value only. The aesthetically good watches may lose their quality and advanced functions.  Hence, the team goal was to add more advanced and digital function to the watch.

For example, the GW-300 model was having more advanced features compared to an ordinary watch such as having solar power system and radio properties. Likewise, GW-9200 can display the time form six different locations by capturing radio signals.

The only series having vibrant colors and made aesthetically attractive wad Frogman edition. They were made for the divers with extraordinary color combinations and designs. This series was more durable. The names given to these watches are more captivating than the traditional names such as classical, vintage etc. These watches were given customers attractive names such as, snake killer, Gold tornado, Black Ocean, Black hole, etc. these were readily picked up by the watch lovers as the series was released for public purchase due to their exotic color combinations and unique names.

However, at first the Casio watches didn’t receive customer attention during their first release. People were more focusing on the traditional watches with dials and sub-dials. However, the public perception changed as the Casio watches DW-5200C were released in market for public purchase in 1990.


For marketing, a commercial showing the durability of the watch was advertised on air. In the advertisement, a hockey player hits the watch towards the goal and goalkeeper catches the watch and show it to the camera. The message given in the advertisement was ‘Casio watches are perfect partner when you are doing something extreme and tough’. Due to this brilliant advertisement, Casio watches became popular among the general public, firefighters, soldiers and outdoor working labor.

Form the last decades, Casio has made innovations in the typical G-Shock watches. In 2017, GPW-2000 was launched with some advanced features such as capturing signals from satellites and radio. But this feature was already present in GPW-1000. While the operating watches as smartphones was a unique feature in these watches. These watches also had updating and upgrading system with internet.

Casio watches became popular in public with the passage of time and with the arrivals of new editions. The edition ‘Hammer Tone’ was the ever-expensive watch edition from Casio watches. This was the most expensive G-Shock was sold commercially. This watch has 18K gold chain links and Tsu-i-ki hammering done on the bezel.


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