Why does a Single Door Refrigerator Consume Less Power Compared to a Double Door Refrigerator?


Before purchasing a refrigerator, you have to know why single-door models consume less power, as compared to double door refrigerators. Nowadays, the appliance marketplace is rife with a huge selection of machines to make your life simple. Undoubtedly, refrigerators have become more of a necessity than a desire even in low-income homes, as it is a requirement to keep food fresh.

These days, you get smart refrigerators that are cost-efficient and also provide all the conveniences of use, such as digital displays that show the interior temperature, in-built water dispensers, and ice makers.

It’s easy to be drawn to such attractive devices, and though affordability may be a constraint, with all the deals and options of payment, you may just get the fridge you want. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to be practical while buying any appliance for your home, especially an appliance such as a fridge.

Types of Fridges

Refrigerators may be broadly classified into two types: single door refrigerators and double door refrigerators. Which one is right for you? That depends on your needs and those of your family. Usually, single-door fridges come in fewer capacities, so they are ideal for individuals or couples.

Average users and most consumers want double-door fridges these days. Double door refrigerators come in larger capacities and have energy-efficient cooling systems (convection cooling). Double door fridges are also frost-free and are thus easy to clean and maintain.

Single door fridges may be frost-free too, but you may get some models that are not. Since the freezers of single-door refrigerators are in the same compartment as the fridge, you tend to access both the fridge and freezer areas whenever you open the fridge door. This compels you to let more heat into the fridge and hence, the fridge has to expend more energy to become cool again.

Energy-efficiency and Refrigerators

Engineers and consumers alike agree that, overall, a double door fridge will consume more power than a single door refrigerator. Their explanation for this is simple and based on facts. First, the double door fridge is always one of a higher capacity for storage — from 235 liters going up to 450 liters on average.

Since it’s bigger, it has to cool more of the refrigerator area and freezer space. So, more energy is used for this very purpose. Second, and this is a technical explanation, is that heat enters the fridge through the door seal part (this is called the gasket seat). This is made of narrow material that is rubbery.

This, although present in the best fridges, doesn’t provide great insulation. As there is more of an area filled with gasket seats in two doors than in a single one, more heat gets into the fridge in a double-door fridge. It takes the fridge more energy to remove this heat.

The Best Fridges

Most consumers choose to buy frost-free double door fridges as they know it is the sensible thing to do. After all, this is a huge item, and you don’t buy refrigerators often. Today’s fridges from the best brands can be easily bought from the EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv.

You get irresistible deals and discounts too. Branded fridges from top brands like Haier, Samsung, and LG will have energy ratings of 3 or 4, meaning there won’t put a dent in your savings when it comes to electricity bills.

You can purchase one of these advanced fridges with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, with cashless payment upfront. Pay conveniently in no-cost EMIs on a monthly basis later. You can avail of 24-hour delivery service as well when you purchase the refrigerator at the EMI Store.


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