Why Do The Schools Need Content Filtering For CIPA And DNS Filtering


The internet is the most important invention after computers and there is no other saying in that. The Internet has revolutionized our lives in such a way that we can clearly relate the life before and after the introduction of the internet. The benefits and the advantages of the internet are numerous, and one cannot even fathom the idea of enlisting them. But on the other hand, there are some drawbacks of the internet too. Although we cannotcategorize them as the disadvantages but still, they are mentioned above the red line. This means that in those certain areas we have to monitor the usage of the internet. The point that concerns us a lot is the usage of internet by the children. For this very purpose, the CIPA (Children Internet Protection Act) was introduced.

What Is CIPA

CIPA is the abbreviation of the Children Internet Protection Act. This act is composed of certain rules and regulations along with certain relaxations that are applicable on the educational institutes and libraries to monitor the positive usage of the internet facility by the children. Although this act was brought into action in 2001 but it was modified in 2011. The schools are bound to monitor or regulate the proper usage of the internet under these regulations. So,to stand true to all the terms and conditions being applied by the CIPA the schools are using several tools such as DNS filtering to help them out in this task. the schools needing content filtering for CIPA are using more innovative methods than the others.

Why Do The Schools Need Content Filtering For CIPA

The schools are in desperate need of some programs that can help them to stand true to the regulation in CIPA such as DNS Filtering. Since the regulation of the internet is the point of concern so the content filters are perfect for the job. The content filters can easily block unnecessary or unrelated traffic and only provide the users with child-friendly results. The customization of the settings of the content filters will help you to personalize the search results and to avoid inappropriate results. With the customization, you will only get the options that are suitable for your requirements. The options that will not be suitable according to your needs will be masked hence keeping the children away from the harmful content. The requirements of the schools needing content filtering for CIPA can be fulfilled easily.

How Children Can Use The Internet With Safety And Productivity

Children at their early age are not aware of the pros and cons of the internet. So, if they are not initiallycounseled or monitored then we will not be able to protect them from the harmful content on the internet. So, the children can only use the internet with safety and productivity if the data is regulated and monitored closely. This regulation should be carried out in such a way that the results that the society deems appropriate for the children of a specific age are presented in front of the child and the rest are masked. Therefore, there is an increased demand for content filters.

Keeping Children At Arm’s Length From The Harmful Content

Keeping children at an arm’s length from the harmful content is the job of the institutes and the stakeholders. If they cannot keep the children safe, then they are not doing their job properly. The factor of age should be considered seriously. The children must get the results that are appropriate according to their age group. If a child of college-age is getting the results of a schoolboy or vice versa then the results are inappropriate for both of them. Therefore, it is extremely important to take some solid measures. This is not an individual task in fact, it must be applied on the institutional level to get positive results.

Maintaining A Check And Balance

Simply applying a method and waiting for the results will never be productive in fact the results might disappoint you. This is exactly why a system of check and balance must be observed. By regularly checking and maintaining the content filters you will be able to keep an eye on the online activities of the children along with ensuringan increase in their productivity.


The children of the modern age require education that is compliant with today’s world. Internet is also a necessity to exploit. So,the authorities must make sure, that planned academic progress is observed because the fate of the academic career of the children is hanging in the balance and we cannot take any risk in this regard.


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