Why Do Consumers Prefer Apple Phones Over Others?


No matter what your preference is about the operating system, iOS vs iPhone is a debate that has been going on for years now. The fans of both operating systems try to insult or let down each other every time. They think that the other one has made the wrong choice. Keeping all these petty debates aside, each mobile operating system has some virtues and flaws. Despite what the respective users of Android and iPhone say, some features tend to stand out in the case of iOS. It is all about preferences.

Explained below are some popular reasons for going with a phone from Apple instead of one from a top Android manufacturer. You just might be surprised.

iOS is more liked than Android

People usually buy iPhones instead of Android phones because they like iOS better than they like Android. People who like Android might disagree with this but people who like iOS better stick to it. People try both operating systems and still fixate to iOS. Its interface and design attract potential customers. Perhaps they like how easy it is to take out an iPhone from the box and start using it and not customize an altogether new phone.

There are some features on the iPhone that are liked better for example Siri etc. Some even think that the iPhone has a better operating system than Android so they prefer it.

iPhone supports many apps:

It has been observed that customers choose an iPhone instead of an Android because they know that almost all of their favorite apps are found in the iOS app store. This is probably one of the very main reasons why people buy iPhones. it is because they want access to the worldwide range of apps. As it has been seen that most of the popular apps are supported by iOS and it is not that they are all exclusive to iOS only, but iOS gets them first. So, if someone is confused to decide what they should choose, there are chances that you might go for the iPhone keeping in view the support it offers for almost every app.

Security of iOS

People tend to stick with an iPhone because there have been various claims about the security Apple’s operating system provides. There has been a revolving myth that iOS is immune to malware. Whereas the truth is, it can be infected with any malware just as any Android phone. These overexaggerated claims are also a reason why people prefer the iPhone over Android. They think they will turn out to be more risk-free and safer than Androids.

Another reason is that people know that if there will be a problem in their iPhones, they will just take it to the Apple Store and get the issue solved. This option is not available for Android users.

iPhones play well with other Apple devices:

Having an Apple device at home is sometimes why people buy iPhones. When shopping for smartphones, it always sounds like a good option to buy an iPhone if you have other Apple devices at home. This is because there are a number of third-party apps that one can use but pairing an Apple with Mac will always turn out to be good and you will enjoy the features much more.

Already owned an iPhone in the past:

People sometimes buy an iPhone simply because they’ve already had one. having an iPhone in the past is always a reason why people choose an iPhone again. Making the move, again and again, is difficult if you get used to an operating system. Shuffling data and files is a strenuous act and not everyone enjoys it. Especially those who do not have the time to do so or who know how to use the operating system already. That is why people stick to the operating system they once get comfortable with.

iPhones are easy to recognize

The iPhone is a device that is recognized by almost everyone. It is relatively easy to recognize when placed with a bunch of other smartphones. People pick them because they seem more familiar and have become a symbol of the status quo.


These are some of the main reasons why people buy iPhones or try to buy them even if they have Androids. The devices of Apple have generally more storage than other phones hence people go for them.


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