Why Clothing Brand Owners Are Leaning Towards Ghost Mannequin Services for Product Promotion


Clothing product or garments industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Major brands are spending millions a year to promote their clothing brands. Among all the various marketing campaigns being run to promote the clothing items, ghost mannequin service is something that is being deemed to be essential part of the entire marketing campaign.

What is Ghost Mannequin Service

If you are not familiar with the term ghost mannequin or are not familiar with apparel industry, you might not have heard the term ghost mannequin photography. We all see the clothing items being displayed on the mannequins when we visit a clothing store. While the display on a mannequin serves the purpose for store display, it doesn’t serve the purpose of eCommerce site display.

Apparel product on a mannequin doesn’t look very appealing on the website or on product catalogs. In order for the product to be sold, customers need to find the clothing item attractive. They need to see the unique features of the clothing items and see the product in reality if possible.

Since its not possible to see the product in reality while visiting a clothing brand website, clothing owners are leaning towards ghost mannequin services to display their products. Ghost mannequin photography presents the products in a way that creates a visual affect in buyers mind and develops a sense of real perception.

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost mannequin services are widely used in apparel industry. But wide range of people and companies will end up needing the ghost mannequin services.

First type of buyers of this service will be product photographers. Apparel photographers or clothing photographers take the pictured of the clothing items. They then hand over those images to the brand owners. Some photographers deliver the images in ghost mannequin edited format. Depending on client requirements, photographer either gets the images edited for finished ghost mannequin 3D look or deliver the images in mannequin.

If the clothing photos are delivered on mannequin without ghost mannequin editing, brand owners then take it from there to get the images edited. So the second type of buyers of ghost mannequin editing will be the actual clothing brand owners. Once they get the image delivery, they work with a photo editing services company to get the images edited.

How Ghost Mannequin Services are Performed

Once the clothing photography on mannequin are sent to the photo editing company, a skilled photoshop expert takes those images to edit and retouch the files and create the desired output.

The editing job is a complex process and takes quite a bit of skill as well as time and attention to details. Since the product photo will have the clothing item on mannequin, the clothing item will need to be separated from the mannequin first. There is a second product photo as well which shows the brand logo. Once the clothing item is separated from the mannequin, the brand logo is joined (hence the term neck joint) together.

Detailed blending using photo retouching methods is performed at this point to make the image look one unique image and to eliminate the process of joining or stitching. Finished product is an eye-catching 3D ghost mannequin photography that promotes the product most efficiently and boost product sale.

How Ghost Mannequin Photography Boosts Product Sale

In order for the product to be sold online, buyers will need to find the products attractive enough. They need to get a feel for the product, picture then in the clothing items and imagine how they would look in that clothing item. Only way to make this all possible is by promoting the product using ghost mannequin photography. Since the product is displayed in a way as if someone is wearing the product, only there is no one within the product, it gets easier for buyers to visualize them in the product. Brand owner that cannot budget the cost of professional models to display their products, this is the best alternative for them.


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