Why Car Dealerships Are A Good Thing?


The automobile industry is the resultant of the advancement of science and technology. Without it, the industry won’t be functional or productive. Hence, it is essential to use technology in all possible ways to make vehicles smarter and fuel-efficient for users. The ultimate goal of using science and technology is to make life accessible and luxurious for every user.

It is worth mentioning here that authorized car dealerships make use of advanced technological platforms to render you the best possible service. Riverside Volkswagen dealer uses the latest technical platforms to provide you with the best service.

In the case of automobiles, technology has been updating now and then. Hence, knowing the details of such software and their uses helps the manufacturers produce fuel-efficient, ultra-modern designed vehicles for their clients.


IoT or “Internet of Things” has been going around the industry for several years. Many clients and automotive production companies are used to such concepts in some forms. It is a concept that connects everything. For example, consider the smartwatch that can keep track of your activities and the other things around you.

Therefore, it is a concept that allows one to connect with other objects, thereby sending and receiving appropriate data.

Use of IoT

In the case of the automotive industry, IoT has three primary functions. These are:

Usage-Based Insurance or UBI

With UBI, one can connect their internal parts of the vehicles to cloud storage to compute appropriate data for analysis. In simpler terms, these refer to the in-vehicle telecommunication types of equipment installed within the car to collect real-time information and data for thorough risk analysis.

Electronic Logging Devices or ELDs

These are essential devices to keep tabs on the duty status and hours of the people using the vehicles for commercial purposes. These are mainly utilized to provide a safer environment for the drivers, thereby helping the employers to keep records of their working hours and other details without any hassles.

In-Vehicle Health Monitoring

In-vehicle health monitoring devices are solely maintained to look after your driver. Although it does take care of the passengers as well, the priority is the driver. It typically relies on the computer vision software and the sensors that monitor the wellbeing of the driver and the vehicle occupants.

It helps to detect the driver’s fatigue and distraction quotient, thereby notifying the company about the driver’s current condition. It is an essential car device used by Volkswagen Riverside dealership which is necessary both for personal and commercial uses.

Thus, these technologies are for gathering vital data from vehicles to monitor both the driver and the car’s wellbeing. With the advancement of these technologies, there would be many kinds of car accessories that can prevent the occurrence of road accidents. If you have carefully seen the trends in the automobile industry, you must have noticed how incredibly it changes with the advancement of technology and science. Right from the uses of camper shell roof rack to the production of driverless cars, technology plays a significant role in the automobile industry.


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