Why Are PDF Files Preferred More Than Ever?

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While working with digital files, it is crucial to understand the specific file formats. No matter which file format you choose, whether it is audio, video, image or text, there are many ways to save an export the data. The usage decides which file format you should be using. The PDF file is primarily preferred with commercial printers, and it’s best to use them. Which file to use, it depends on the needs and the advantages and disadvantages? Compatibility, editability, file size etc. are based on the file format that you have chosen. While PDF is the best for sending to the printer, MS-Word is best to create any document due to availability of various features. If there any file that needs editing, PDF to Word file conversion has to be done first. Sending over the mail or using the file for print is best achieved with PDF file format.

Working with Printer

When you are working with a commercial printer, exchange of files is needed. The files that are sent to the source files are used to produce the printed object. PDF is the best format for use because of the compatibility, and quality. Here are to top-reasons why PDF files are the best and printer-friendly.


While you may need the application to open the file format, it doesn’t mean that the receiver also has it. Once you send the work using the PDF files, it means that anyone can view the file. PDF format is a standard that is extensively used by almost every industry. It can also be opened but every modern device. If you export the file to PDFs, it ensures that the files are formatted correctly and also look the way they were created.

File Size

Most native files whether it’s a PSD or some other format are usually significant. These file formats are called the native files and larger than the PDF files because they contain data which is usable by the program and its features.

Photoshop files are a good example. The file contains data for every layer, which makes up for the image. The layers are used in Photoshop to help the designer make changes to the image. There are many layers in some PSD files, and it increases their file size with the information that is not required to print the file. For such artwork files, if they have to be transferred over the internet, smaller size is better as it can be sent quickly.


When the designers and publishers are exchanging files, they usually use the native file format. For instance, when the design teams are working on a project, the use of native files can be helpful so that the team members can make changes to them. However, when sending the file to the printer, the editability is not required. Same is true for the Word files.

When the files are being sent to the printer, they are not supposed to be edited, and that’s where the use of PDF file format comes handy as they are small in size. Using PDF files also ensures that you are sending the finalized version of the file.


Even if the artwork looks perfect on the screen, it doesn’t need to get printed in the same way. PDF files have this ability to ensure that the high quality is preserved at the same time keep the file size low.


When you have created a file, and it has to be edited later on, could you keep it in the native file format? For instance, MS-Word. However, if you need to exchange it convert first. Similarly, the receiver will have to do pdf to word file conversion to use it in native format.


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