Why adopt the same mother-daughter outfit?

Mommy and me dresses

Mother-daughter outfits should not be adopted for the fashion and cute side only.

It’s also a way to bond with your daughter, get to know her, find out what she likes and what she doesn’t, and even help her come out of her shell. Outfits are not just a game. Many girls have discovered more about their personalities through fashion.

Indeed, it is nice to be one with your daughter, but never forget not to limit your choices. Let her discover her fashion when the moment is right.

In the meantime, have fun creating your looks with your little girl who is not new!

The evolution of the fashion trend: mother-daughter clothes

This trend of matching mother-daughter clothing has seen its ups and downs in popularity for over a century, reflecting changing views on motherhood and femininity.

“Every woman becomes like her mother,” Oscar Wilde once said with a laugh. This is their tragedy. For some women, the tragedy manifests itself very early on in the form of mother and daughter outfits. In recent years with social networks, we have witnessed a crazy desire to show off with matching mother-daughter outfits. But first, we will come back to the origins of this fashion.

The birth of fashion for mother-daughter outfits

The phenomenon of mother and daughter clothing has been in vogue for over a century, reflecting the changing attitudes towards motherhood and femininity.

While matching clothes between sisters have been in fashion for centuries, mother-daughter outfits didn’t appear until the early 1900s. Seamstress Jeanne Lanvin started the trend after giving birth to her only child, Marguerite, in 1897, at the age of 30, then advanced. Spotting a gap in the market, she launched in 1908 a high-end line for children, using the same luxurious textiles and avant-garde styles that characterized her clothing for women. However, simplified for the tastes and bodies of the youngest. Marguerite serves as his Mommy and me dresses; the two inseparable are often seen parading through Paris in matching couture outfits.

Mother-daughter outfits reserved for stars and elites.

Many designs were too expensive for this fashion to have a widespread influence. Although it was very successful under the impetus of the Hollywood advertising machine, this fashion was only accessible to the stars and the wealthy.

Trendy matching outfits

Today, it’s cool to be a mother or father again. Celebrities show off their family lives, especially their adorably chic kids, to their thousands/millions of fans on Instagram and the red carpet. Stylists like Milly’s Stella McCartney and Michelle Smith are modern-day, making public appearances with their children and creating children’s lines alongside adult clothing. Models like Coco Rocha and Cindy Crawford shared the catwalks with their daughters.

The Mommy and me dresses outfit have become decidedly feminine, emphasizing the mother’s youth rather than the maturity of the daughter.

Affordable matching clothes for everyone

Now the fashion for father-son clothes and matching clothes for the whole family is just as trendy as mother-daughter clothes. They have become more accessible. There is something for all budgets. There is more and more mother-daughter, father-son, especially at the moment with the holiday season that is coming!

And if you don’t have matching clothes yet, you can start adopting this fashion by putting on clothes in similar colours and matching the rest of your outfit by little touches that make little reminders!

After wearing the same Mommy and me dresses, do not forget to take pictures for memories.


  • The photograph looks attractive when all the kids match.
  • It’s easier to buy clothes just by choosing different designs.
  • If you’re just looking for the same pants and top for each child, it’s easier to pick clothes that you wear every day.
  • Remembering the ones they wear makes it easier to see them in the crowd.
  • You will receive more comments on how cute your child is.
  • They won’t protest if you like the clothes or sweater you decide for another child.
  • You can even couple it with the whole family, particularly the catalogue buying matching Christmas pyjamas.
  • If you can match everything, it’s easier to buy an identifier gift.


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