Who Should Choose Development Studies for Building A Promising Career?


Development studies involve a few different subjects. It is a little bit of history, a little bit of economics, as well as politics, gender study, and sociology. Yet, it has its origin in economics. So, if you are one of those students who do not prefer sticking to just a branch of study for vocational purposes, then very few courses can be as fitting as this. Moreover, there is a soaring demand for MA in development studies in India in the job market.

Scope of Development Studies

Since a number of studies have been mixed into the broad-spectrum curriculum, development studies have their own place in the job market. You get ample opportunities to continue your research and pursue a Ph.D. if you prefer sticking to academics for education. A big chunk of students studying Masters development studies in India gets placed in sectors like a think-tank, as well as in technical magazines. You can also start your career as a trainer in the different public sector and private firms. Even before you complete your Masters, you are likely to get invitations from government houses and NGOs for volunteering and internship programs that involve the community. This is going to give you some practical experience that gives a boost to your career.

What You Learn

The best colleges offering MA in development studies in India ensure that their learners get hands-on experience in different aspects of society. This involves issues like urbanisation, education, health, migration, agriculture, and population explosion. The exposure helps the students to understand the nitty-gritty of the different sectors that the government is working on. Also, they get enriched in different skills like budgeting, policy-making, and project management.

On Building Your Career

The top-notch colleges and universities in India offer specialised courses in development studies. You are likely to get placement through the campassing that most of the colleges offer. Taking help from any successful alumni of development studies can also help you get some practical suggestions. Yet, when it comes to making big with your career, you might want to specialise in some other fields, as well. For example, you can fortify your degree by pursuing short courses on non-profit management, public administration, public policy, public health, and the like. Even those already having a degree in civil engineering, or education, or any sector-specific skills would get better placement with this branch of study.

Are You Eligible?

To pursue a Masters’s in development studies in India, you need to complete your graduation in any stream. However, students coming from a humanities background, or those having economics as a special paper in college do have a clear advantage. The premier colleges offering masters in this discipline might accept admission on a merit basis. Apart from the academic question, this is a perfect course for those who wish to comprehend the dynamics of developing countries like India. If you have a knack for exploring people, then this can be the perfect course for you to kick start your career.

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