Who is Virtual Assistant?


Are you interested in a job as a assistant, but without prior experience? No worries! There is no need to be an expert virtual assistant in order to start this job. Many people start from a basic level and move up to more lucrative jobs.

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant commonly referred to as “VA” is a business entrepreneur who provides online business support utilities to valuable clients in various industries across the globe from their remote location on virtual basis i.e virtually. The virtual assistants provide business services from home or any remote location.

Virtual assistants offer a range of services, including administrative tasks and social media. They also provide teaching services.

The VA can efficiently handle multitasking tasks. The VA is able to manage social media accounts of bloggers from other parts of the world or manage back-office operations of travel coaches based in Australia, while the VA is in India or another part of India. These are just some examples.

Virtual assistants need to create a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is an community that connects professionals with emerging beginners in a certain field.

LinkedIn is full of experts and professionals from every industry. You can get in touch with the professional experts to stay up to date.

By learning from them and by observing their actions, you can learn a lot.

The remote services provided by the VA are split into four major divisions:

General Administrative Services

  • Below listed are a few admin services you can provide to your client as a Virtual Assistant:
  • Cold calling or cold calling prospects and clients to book sales appointments, or solicit a donation. To focus on the target audience, the Market Research is needed.
  • Regular follow-ups are conducted via online or offline correspondence with valued customers and clients.
  • Electronic Calendar Management lets you record and mark events on an electronic schedule.
  • File folder Management (manage files using Google Dri ve etc.
  • Online google research for blog post topics, newsletters, gathering contacts etc.
  • Book Hotel Room and Flight Bookings
  • Reporting on weekly/fortnight tasks. Deliverables. Sales. Turnovers.
  • Preparing Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentations so that they can use them for online courses and webinars as well as conferences or meetings.
  • Monitor and recruit remote freelance employees, like a web editor or video editor.
  • Personal jobs: booking events and restaurants, booking surprise gifts, reserving tables, shifting homes, paying bills, etc.

Digital Marketing Services

The digital marketing mode of allows you to market your products and services using digital technology. The digital technology mode is promoted in internet which includes mobile phones, and other digital sources.

Digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation are spreading all over the globe. VA services are required for the many options.

Every digital marketing strategy offers a lot of opportunity for improvement. This is why it is so important to measure each strategy.

According to digital marketing, analytics and metrics matter everything.

Here are some examples.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Social Media Marketing is using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and websites or blogs to promote a product or service. The online marketers promote product, create brand awareness among the consumers across the world.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization The practice of SEO or ecommerce organizations to increase visitor count, traffic and populate websites with optimization methods is called Search Engine Optimization. Online and offline optimization methods can be used.
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization) – The Social media optimization is the process to increasing the brand name, awareness and popularity of the product across the social media platforms and groups to gain public attention.
  • Facebook marketing – Online marketers build brand popularity by creating facebook pages and maintaining a follow up. Marketers create ads to gain popularity.
  • Twitter Marketing- Online marketers can create brand recognition by setting up a twitter account and following up with them on a regular basis. Marketers create ads to gain followers and popularity.
  • Instagram Marketing- Online marketers can create brand recognition by setting up an Instagram account and following up with them on a regular basis. The marketers create advertisements to gain popularity and view the followers.
  • YouTube Marketing – The YouTube marketing allows the user to post videos and create virality across the million viewers. A channel must be created and videos posted on topics such as cooking, fashion and hairdressing.
  • Pinterest Advertising Pinterest marketing is the use of Pinterest to increase awareness about products and services. Pinterest is used to drive traffic to the website and draws audience attention.
  • E-mail Marketing – The process of sending marketing messages or content to valuable clients through email is called . Email marketing is used in order to promote sales of the product and pitch sales.
  • branding – brand actions are taken by organizations to make them stand out from peers and other emerging rivals. The purpose of branding is to improve your position in the market. The marketers are responsible for the branding. They want to establish brand loyalty.
  • Paid Advertisements Online marketers use the paid advertisements that are published on the websites or in search engines like google to drive traffic.
  • Content Marketing – Marketing stuff is transmitted through content on online websites and social networks.

Creative Job Suite

Here are some examples of Creative Jobs which are in demand:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic designing
  • Newsletter designing
  • Web designing
  • Creating Infographics
  • Logo design
  • Designing brand materials for launching new products or services – pdf, ebooks flyers, mockups, flyers business cards banners banners etc.
  • Video editing

Online Education services

Two broad categories can be divided into the teaching services:

1. LIVE mode is available for teaching services

Here are a few examples:

Tutoring school children online

Online tutoring in English and other languages for students, working professionals, or homemakers.

2. Video tutorials on “How to” are a way to teach classes

Only a few real examples

  • How to create a profitable online course
  • How to create graphics using Picmonkey / Canva / Gimp tools
  • How to use Google Drive / Drop Box/ One Drive to store unlimited data
  • How to make instructional movies
  • How to bake whole wheat bread/cookies, ice cream cakes, and pancakes.
  • How to do your party makeup or hair in 15 minutes
  • How to create fillable worksheets and PDF workbooks
  • How to take professional pictures on Instagram / Facebook
  • How to become a brand affiliate seller on Amazon/Ebay
  • How to automate Pinterest marketing
  • How to draw faces or images for comics books
  • You can find a lot of resources online to help you get familiar with work from home opportunities and learn more about your interests.

What soft skills are needed to connect with remote clients?

These are the core skills you will need to work long-term for remote clients.

  • Be professional – It is important to show professionalism in all interactions with clients.
  • Never hesitate to take Initiative – Since you are a virtual business owner, the clients expect you to analyse and understand the tasks fastly and take initiate to ask for any doubts promptly, without expecting and halting for them to instruct you.
  • Problem solving skills – A person should be able predict a problem before it escalates into a major emergency and can then provide the client with a feasible solution.
  • Effective – With experience, your work efficiency and continued efforts to grow your business will go a long way.
  • Persistence – You may come across a strict time-bound assignment or a tough situation wherein you are required to devote extra time, effort and energy to complete the task. Your perseverance and ability to make an effort despite all odd situations will project you as being trustworthy and reliable.
  • Good communication – Clients require you to update them regularly with an open mind. It is not professional to make clients ask for or remind you about work updates.
  • Task Organization skills – Your ability to manage your tasks ahead, follow the schedules and putting focus on one thing at a time will enable you manage multiple tasks with valuable client projects successfully.

What tools does the VA require?

Below given are some of the basic tools you need to know and excel before you take up client work:

  • Google Docs – for editing, creating, and sharing documents
  • Dropbox– File sharing tool
  • WordPress: For creating and managing websites
  • Email Marketing Tool – MailChimp and GetResponse
  • Social Media Management Tool – Hootsuite, Buffer
How to find Virtual Assistant India ?

Virtual assistants are often contracted by many companies. These agencies are intermediaries that help people get jobs in the virtual assistant industry.

Follow websites such as Indeed, Upwork, Time for information about virtual assistant positions.

Make sure your queries or searches are relevant to the field. Next, fill in the where and how sections.

End Summary

Virtual assistant maintains job profile with multitasking since the job profile covers various skills.

The virtual assistants are responsible to provide administrative, technical, customer care for law, finance, start-up business among other employers. You can either start a virtual assistant company or work from home for clients all over the world.

You will need to improve yourself according to your job profile. Virtual assistants can earn between 20,000 and 80,000 dollars annually.

The highest salary drawing virtual assistant need to devote their work for full-time and provide executive level support to clients and provide services such as web-designing, developer.


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