Which Type Of Growth Model Is Right For Your Business?


target business idea growthWhenever you embark on a journey to decide the growth model for your business, then you have to keep in mind your business practices, mission, and also philosophy!

First of all, make your goals clear and then choose which growth models suit and synchronize with your business line.

Moreover, these growth models keep on changing when your business moves and promotes from one stage to another. Like, when your business is at the introductory stage, then there is a specific growth model that you have to opt for.

On the other hand, when your business reaches the expansion stage, then there is a particular and defined growth model that you have to implement.

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Different growth models for your business

You might be wondering how many categories of business growth models are there, here you can check out that!

Before you choose a growth model, you have to consider your business complexity and also its overall structure.

In addition, you need to design a strategic growth map so that it can fully complement and get synchronized with your business growth model.

While you implement the stats of any growth model, it is important for business professionals to opt for a methodical approach. Consider your internal and external resources and then plan which growth model can work magically.

So, here we are going to discuss a few of the important business growth models and strategies. These are the key models that are in demand.

You can even make a combination of these models and get smarter and effective results at your end.

Now, you can see the required details that are all about these growth models:

The market penetration growth model

Let us all talk and discuss this market penetration business growth model. This is the fundamental growth model that one can pursue and go for.

Most importantly, this growth model allows you to showcase your products or services in the already established competitive market industry.

You only have to make your product differentiated and nothing else needs to be done. In other words, your offered product should give a unique value to your prospects.

This is a value proposition that you are giving to your customers and you can shape it in the form of cost leadership strategy.

While doing market penetration, you can pour your attention to that niche that does not deserve but still, you want to gain its responsiveness.

Audience expansion business growth model

While expanding your audience, this is usually marked as a cornerstone and ideal growth tactic that one can be implementing.

Most noteworthy, in this growth model, you offer your product to a new audience. Like, you can offer your services in some new geographical area.

When you notice that your present market position is getting saturated day by day, then this is an ideal growth model that you can follow.

It helps you in meeting and managing stiff competition lines. Moreover, it takes your business out of slow growth rates.

According to experts, it is better to expand your audience to some new city and even to a new country by doing strong partnerships and alliances.

The model of product line expansion

If you do not see any interest in expanding your audience reach, then the alternative planned out for you is to expand your product line. Most probably, this business growth model can work for you.

This is an important and highly used approach that all business tycoons are availing these days. This model works on the mechanism that you have to offer varied products to your audience apart from offering your core product.

It is generally seen that small-size enterprises and medium-sized businesses opt for this growth model. This strategy can help you in reaching and accessing a larger audience.

As an example, if you have developed a premium product for some luxury market audience segment, then you can further develop a complementary product for them.

It is because of the presence of this additional product line that you can widen your product base and also your audience base.

Furthermore, this product expansion phenomenon creates a deeper relationship level with your audience.

Go for product diversification or market diversification

This is a risky business growth model if you are interested in implementing it. But once it is properly utilized, it can give you many benefits.

No doubt, this model is marked as a valuable growth model for all times. Here you have to sell a new product to a new audience zone of yours.

And that newly introduced and the launched product has to be completely unrelated to your core and main business line.

Before you plan to launch and develop a new product, make sure that you do enough research in this area.

You have to show serious and dedicated financial commitment if you follow this business growth model. In addition, this model needs a lot of investment because the new product is going to be launched.

This practice of diversification is only opted and pursued by mature and big scale companies out there. If you have a solid position in the industry, then you can freely work on this model.

You can successfully implement this model by going for mergers and partnerships.

Merge or acquire some other business

Moving to more of the details of business growth models, here we have elaborated for you on this concept of mergers and acquisitions.

This is a commonly used growth strategy that is pursued and followed by the mature numbers of companies. It is entailed and embedded with a complex number of strategic steps.

If you have a clear understanding of this model, only then you should follow it. Through this approach, you can expand your audience, pool resources as well as the market.

This approach gives you a dominant position and you get an edge over your competitors.

It is through mergers that you can improve your business efficiency and be able to lead new resources in front of it.

Pursue a franchise model

Then we have this growth model for you that is available in the version of the franchise growth model. Most importantly, the purpose of initiating and using this model is to buy some other developed business unit.

Here you do not have to expand your product line or expand your audience reach. You just have to tap into some developed business units and buy their franchise.

One needs to keep in mind that these franchise businesses are usually and generally endorsed by some trademark. Or you may have seen that they are endorsed by some kind of brand.

If you are interested in this venture, then you can go on doing so. This growth model can give you excess benefits.

Furthermore, before you dive into this model, you should have this deep knowledge regarding how this franchising model works.

Once you get whole and full-fledge familiarity from this model, then you can opt it and thus expand and grow your business on quick notes.

Taking your business on an international scale

Rest, you can take your business unit right on the international scale. This is the recommended and profitable initiative that you can take if you have enough resources and investment.

This model works in a way that you expand your business all to the global market. As we have seen that a large number of retail commerce stores as well as e-commerce stores are currently working on this growth model.

No doubt, this is one of the lucrative growth models that you can pursue and follow. Though it comes with numerous and wide challenges, still in the long run, it just gives you benefits and profits.

Before you plunge and make a jump into the international zone, you should have knowledge of how these foreign markets run and operate.

To become successful in this sector, you have to avoid all sorts of language barriers and also cultural barriers.

You have to get extensive knowledge of global laws and be able to get complete know-how on global rules and policies. The concerned business professional should know how to check with these freight forwarding services.

So, these are some of the important business growth models, we hope that this section has given you enough knowledge.

If you feel like expanding your business unit, then try these models and scale your business properly.

We are hopeful that your concerned business unit will get success in the long run. If you implement any of these mentioned growth models, then share with us your feedback too!


Lastly, you have to understand that business growth does not happen overnight. You have to remain patient and dedicated and implement strategies to boost your business growth.

On the other hand, these growth models can help you thoroughly as well. If you have a small business, then its growth rate will be slow and steady. And for large businesses, you may see and witness fast growth rate scales.

We have provided you with lots of options that are best suitable and appropriate for your business growth. Now, you have to extensively consider your business type and analyze its current growth situation, and then decide which model is made for it.

We can say that all of these models work in a much better way for different business types. Moreover, they have the tendency to give you the best and ideal course actions that give sure shot success and boost the growth of your business.


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