Which Are the Latest Features Available in Samsung Smart TV?


The South Korean brand, Samsung, is reported to sell 14.85 million TV units in Q3 2020. One of the reasons behind their mammoth sales growth can be attributed to the offerings of their latest smart TVs. 

Samsung TV

However, individuals planning to invest in a Samsung smart TV need to know the latest technology they employ. Most of the top models are characteristics of these features, which enable a larger-than-life viewing experience. 

Following are some of the features that Samsung has introduced recently. 

  • Voice assistance 

Almost all top models and budget models of Samsung smart TV come with voice search optimization. For instance, Wondertainment series, series 4, etc. are top-rated models with voice search optimization. 

These models support both Alexa and Bixby that users can utilize to search for their favorite content. 

  • Content guide

Samsung TVs also offer a customized content guide that consists of all the popular, trending movies, web series, etc. The users can select and watch their favorite shows with ease. 

Models like T5770, T5500, etc. also come with a parental lock that allows them to control their children’s watchlist through a smartphone. These features also characterize a 43-inch LED TV that promises a superior movie experience. 

  • Personal computer

Now it is possible to convert your Samsung smart TV into a full-fledged personal computer. Through this facility, you can access cloud storage, integrate with your office system remotely, and mirror the laptop on a large screen. Almost all top models of Samsung offer this facility. 

  • Music system 

With Samsung smart TVs it is possible to transform the appliance into a music system. Users can choose from three distinct themes like Vintage, Retro and Modern. It will allow them to create a live musical atmosphere where they can listen to any song of their choice through a popular music app. 

  • Cloud facility 

Samsung also launched Auto Hotspot that allows the users to connect internet to TVs through their mobile. It further helps in savings vital files on the TV itself. Thus, individuals can free space in their mobile memory and keep important data safe at home. 

Models like T4550, T4500, etc. accompany this feature. Although any of these feature-rich Samsung smart TV is an excellent buy, they come with a costly price tag. However, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card users can facilitate purchasing their preferred model with easy No-Cost EMIs. This particular EMI card also accompanies a pre-approved credit limit of up to Rs.2 lakh, which helps fund such big-ticket expenses with ease. 

  • Smart sharing option 

Since most individuals are now active on social media and love to share their life updates online, Samsung incorporated smart sharing options into their smart TVs. Features like Live Cast let users share their live experience within seconds and connect them to the virtual world. 

They can also use both their mobile and smart TV simultaneously to maximise their entertainment. The wide 43 inch LED TV provides a theatre-like experience on the large screen. On the other hand, they can enjoy the same on their mobile screen for personal entertainment. 

  • Easy access to OTT platforms 

The popularity of OTT platforms is on the rise, and Samsung smart TV facilitates playing such content on the screen. Individuals can choose to play any content from these OTTs without much hassle. Models from Series 4, The Frame QLED, etc. are some of the high-end TVs from Samsung that come with such facility. These TVs offer content in more than 10 local languages and partnered with more than 100 brands to ensure an improved user experience. 

Therefore, by availing of a Samsung smart TV, individuals can take their entertainment experience a notch higher. Moreover, they can afford any latest model of their choice with the help of the EMI Network Card.


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