Where To Sell Gold Items For Best Price

where to sell gold

When the question of where to sell gold arises, it is incredibly crucial to make sure that the buyer is safe and reliable, and the process is transparent. The best place to sell gold also depends on the type of gold you are planning to sell. 

Below are some of the places to be considered before selling gold for the best price. 

Selling Gold Online:

If you wish to get the best price for your gold, you can go for gold buyers in Chennai online. Since it is economical and comparatively cheaper to run a business online instead of having a physical shop and paying extra expenses, you get the best deal and the maximum price for the gold. The buyers do not incur additional costs, they can afford to deal with a lower margin than those who have physical shops. They cannot keep a smaller margin, and hence they are likely to offer a lower price in contrast to the online buyers. 

Selling gold online is a seamless hassle-free process and includes the following steps:


  • Research properly and find a gold buyer who is reputed and trustworthy. Then you have to fill a contact form on the website.


  • You can select the shipping method according to your convenience, and the buyer will provide you with an insured, prepaid mailer that you can use to send the gold you are looking to sell. 


  • The seller will appraise the gold you send to check your gold’s worth and purity, based on which you will receive an offer from the buyer. 


  • If the price suits you and you feel that it is the maximum according to your gold value, you can accept the offer. You will receive the payment within a day or two through the transfer method used by your buyer. 


  • However, if you feel that the buyer’s price is not the maximum price and that you can get a better offer someplace else, you can reject the offer, and the company will return your gold back to you. 


  • You can be charged a small fee for the handling, shipping, etc. based on the company and buyer you have selected. 


With numerous NBFCs coming into the market, you have a wider choice to buy and sell gold. So another place in search for where to sell gold you can sell gold for cash is the NBFCs. The process followed is completely transparent, swift, and advanced technology is used to check your gold’s weight and purity. The process is rapid and does not take much time. NBFCs also offer online services where they offer pickup at your doorstep. You need not go anywhere, and the money will directly be transferred to your account. It is one of the most convenient methods to sell gold for the best price as the cost, according to gold’s current market price. You also get the money instantly in cash and higher amounts are transferred to your account instantly. 

Pawn Shops:

If you need cash for gold in Chennai quickly, you can opt for pawn shops that buy gold bullions, coins, and even jewellery. Selling the gold locally to a pawn shop might get you a lower price than selling it online. These shops loan money to the customers, which is how they earn, and they buy gold for a low price and sell it with a profit for a higher return on investment. However, one of the two advantages of selling your gold at a pawn shop is that you will instantly be paid as you sell your gold. This is beneficial for the people who are urgently in need of cash, and secondly, it saves you the cost and process of shipping your gold since that is not involved in it. 

Jewellery Stores: 

Selling your gold to a jewellery shop is another place to sell gold, but this is similar to selling gold to a pawn shop. Not all jewellery shops are likely to buy gold, and you will get lower prices even here. However, the advantages of selling gold to a local jewellery shop remain the same. 

These are few of the best places you can sell your gold for the best price. However, research is an incredibly essential factor before considering any of the options mentioned above.


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