When And How To Water Cannabis Plants


Watering cannabis is a significant task that regulates plant growth; it may look like the easiest activity, but inappropriate watering can damage the plant. However, many cannabis growers may decline the quality production of cannabis because of over or low watering. The problems in watering may cause deficiency of nutrients, minerals, and cannabis diseases. 

Watering cannabis is not easy as it looks; in many cases, you can get the idea of watering by observing the root of the plant and sometimes observing the soil’s condition. The weather and climate also determine the watering range of cannabis plants. However, the amount of watering may fluctuate because of the changing weather. There are several sites such as 

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How do you get, cannabis needs water?   

The initial task is to observe the plant; look at your cannabis plant and try to find if it is thirsty or not? If the leaves look yellow instead of green, then your plant may need water. Moreover, if it seems weak, fragile, or the soil looks dry and cramped, then keep it hydrated. The proper way of watering is from its root; constantly water the cannabis plant from deep down, stick your finger to the soil, and if it appears dry, water it. 

By measuring or weighing the pot, you can determine the need for water for cannabis. An outdoor cannabis plant may require less water than an indoor cannabis plantation; however, it’s better to underwater the cannabis plant rather than overwatering. Overwatering can damage cannabis at a massive stage. 


How much water should you give to cannabis? 

Water management is essential as marijuana already consists of 80% of water; however, lack of water management can damage the plant. There are several factors that determine the amount of water a cannabis plant requires. It significant to water the plant as per the factors that are as follows: 



It may be the size of the plant or the pot size that determines the amount of water. If your pot is small in size, it requires a small amount of water, whereas if the pot’s size is big, then it is essential to water sufficiently. The same water amount law applies to the plant size. 


Temperature/ Sunlight 

It’s one of the vital factors that determine the amount of water cannabis requires. The position of your pot and the amount of light it gets also decides the amount of water. In a cooler atmosphere, provide less water to the cannabis plants. 


Growth stage of cannabis

A plant has a variant stage of growth, and at various stages, it requires a distinctive amount of water. At the initial stage or seedling, cannabis requires a subsequent amount of water. 


To The Sum Up 

Proper hydration of cannabis is essential as it regulates the growing of cannabis; make sure to supply a conventional amount of water and also make sure to think about the factors that determine the amount of water a cannabis needs. For more information, you can gain online information from https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/harvesting/


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