What you need to know about bespoke industrial composite ovens, before you purchase?


Every material used bya manufacturer will always come with specific heat treatment requirements, depending on many factors. Which is why many manufacturers require custom industrial ovens, to create outstanding results.

Before purchasing an industrial oven, it is important to know about the materials you are using, how they react to heat and who you will be purchasing your oven from.

Currently one of the most popular materials being used is composite materials. This has now led to an increased need for industrial composite ovens.

A composite material is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significant different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with different characteristics from the individual components.

Composite materials are commonly used in high-performance products that need to be lightweight, yet strong enough to handle the toughest loading conditions. These materials are slowly becoming the material of choice for industries such as aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sports and recreation, and industrial construction. Their appeal stems from the composites providing an exceptionally strong and lightweight material, for reduced energy consumption and durability.

As the use of composite materials continues to grow, mainly due to the constant discovery of new ways to utilise the material, the need for industrial composite ovens also rises.

Composite ovens are specifically designed for the curing and heat treatment of composite materials, such as fibreglass. A composite oven can also be used to cure, anneal, dry and harden a range of synthetic materials. The main reason that industrial ovens need to be created specifically for these materials, is because they react differently and require different heat-treating than other materials, in order for them to be a valuable material. So how do you find the right composite oven for your business?

For the majority of industries, it is best to find an engineering company that has the experience and the ability to provide you with a custom-built composite oven solution, specific to your requirements. It is important that all your materials are heated and cured properly to ensure that they reach their full potential and can provide their exceptional appeal.

Engineering companies like DRYSYS, can provide you with custom composite ovens that are highly suitable for heat treating composite and synthetic materials like polymers, composite, carbon fibre, rubber and textiles. They can provide you with composite curing ovens, that will have custom designed heat settings and airflow to provide the fastest, most uniform heat up times, for your products. As leaders in bespoke engineering, DRYSYS can design, construct, test and commission industrial ovens the integrate seamlessly into your existing production lines. DRYSYS has solution to all your problems related to development, design, engineering and construction of fluid system, industrial plant and paint finishing facilities.

Before you purchase an industrial composite oven, remember to find an engineering company that can create an oven specifically suited to your composite materials, your products and that can adjust seamlessly into your current production line. This is the key to your composite oven delivering exceptional results.


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