What will be the Cost of Replacing iPhone 7 battery in Adelaide


For every mobile phone user out there, having an iPhone is no less than a blessing. First of all, having an iPhone literally revamps your reputation. Secondly, it helps a great deal since it’s designed with high-end standards, advanced features, and top-notch components. Also, who can forget about the beautiful designs that look alluring and captivating?

A few years ago, when Apple launched the iPhone 7, it became the ultimate hit, and people were going gaga on this phone model. However, the model is pretty old, which means the batteries have completed their lifecycle. So, for every iPhone 7 user wondering about the cost of replacing the iPhone 7 battery, we have designed this article to help you out!


iPhone 7 battery Replacment

iPhone Battery Replacement Costs

While looking for the iPhone battery replacement services, you will come across a variety of choices, offering different costs and turnaround time. For the people who have their iPhone 7 under warranty or if they have AppleCare+, the battery will be replaced for free. Usually, the consumers’ laws will be able to help you out in iPhone 7 battery replacement services Adelaide.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any such services available, the costs will depend on the store (and your ability to negotiate, of course). As for the iPhone 7, the battery replacement from iPhone repair services in Adelaide will cost around $75 to $80. If you are choosing Apple’s official repair services and using the post method, you will need to pay an extra $19.95 shipping costs.

Right Place For iPhone Battery Replacement

There are different methods of getting the iPhone 7 battery replaced, and it can directly influence the costs involved. Firstly, you can opt for the in-store repairs, but in severe cases, you need to post your iPhone to Apple. For the in-store repairs, you can either choose the third-party Apple retailer or the local mobile repair shop.

However, you can also opt for an in-store option by taking an appointment at Apple Store. In the case of a nary store available, you can order the box by Apple and use it to ship the iPhone 7 to the Apple repair center. According to Apple, the turnaround time will be around one week, which means you won’t have your phone all that time.

Eligible iPhones For Battery Replacement

If you choose Apple’s official repairing services, you should be able to get the batteries repaired, irrespective of the iPhone mode models. In contrast, Apple offers battery replacement for the iPhones that were released in and after 2014. This clearly means that Apple offers battery replacement for iPhone 6 models and above. However, there is multiple eligibility criterium for battery replacement by Apple. For instance, Apple will only replace the battery if the retainment is less than 80%.

Replacing The Battery

If you want to hold on to your iPhone 7 for a longer time period, we would suggest getting the battery replaced. The battery replacement will offer better battery life, so you go around the day easily. There are different methods of getting the batteries replaced, such as choosing the third-party repair service or replacing the battery yourself. In the section below, we are sharing the details of both!

Conducting Battery Replacement Yourself

Well, the first thing to understand that replacing the iPhone 7 battery replacement can be done on your own. That’s to say, because you have to have multiple materials around and the utilization of glue will be upscaled. The battery replacement can be tricky, demanding you to have time on hand and the focus. This is because there are multiple steps involved, and you need to be mindful about the waterproofing.

There are multiple websites that have shared the guide on replacing the iPhone 7 battery yourself. In addition, we would suggest buying the tools and kits beforehand, so your iPhone is not left helpless in the middle of battery replacement only because you didn’t have the pair of tweezers.

Third-Party Repair Shops

Well, if you don’t want to compromise on the performance and don’t want to damage the iPhone further, we would suggest choosing the third-party repair shops. These shops usually have Apple-trained technicians, which means your iPhone will never be mishandled, and the outcome will be in your favor. Well, in some cases, the repair outcomes manage to beat Apple’s repair service.

As far as the costs is concerned, the third-party repair shops don’t rob the customers, promising the economical price. Even more, some of them provide a warranty. So, it is better that you keep the facts and stats clear, be it about the repair establishment or the costs.


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