What Types Of Video Productions Can You Use For Marketing?


There is a misconception that all online videos are the same. That is, they all cost the same, have similar results, and deliver the same brand awareness. Many people also find that online video is easy to do and can be done with a decent mobile phone and an editing app. This is not the case when it comes to video production and online marketing videos. The quality of online videos, especially those designed to build brand awareness and generate leads, is easily comparable to (or even moved away from) the quality of traditional TV commercials.

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Today, video production for internet marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics available. Video is exceptionally valuable and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon – and with online audiences only expecting the highest quality online video, marketers have had to adjust their production value and creativity to meet consumer expectations. With this in mind, different types of interaction video productions have emerged in the online space that are created for each stage of the buying cycle, from the awareness stage to the purchase stage.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of video production available to your business.

Video production types available for your marketing efforts

As stated earlier, there are many video production options that you can use at every stage of the buying journey, from the awareness stage to the purchase decision stage – and beyond. Below, we’ll take a look at the types of videos you can use to engage, engage, and delight your audience.

Video production for reference

Company videos: these are videos designed to build trust with your target audience and inform them about your business and its offerings. However, these types of videos are also meant to entice the viewer into action, and this helps support various marketing goals, including customer education, lead generation, and customer service. A branded video should reflect your brand values ​​in an understandable way to increase customer loyalty, and such videos are the foundation of your future video strategy. These videos can be used on all online channels, including social networks and your website. As the branded video marketing landscape continues to change and evolve, one thing remains the same: When used correctly, branded video is a critical component of a successful marketing strategy in today’s digital world and can drive sales, increase brand awareness and improve customer retention.

Corporate videos: Often used to promote and increase brand awareness in general, corporate videos are also used in the business environment and serve many different purposes. Corporate videos may include customer testimonials, investor presentations, webcasts, and interviews with company executives and employees. Corporate videos are about strategy and creativity. They are no longer boring, talking directly to the camera video that we were used to in the 90s and early 2000s. By providing your audience with engaging, relevant, and informative corporate videos, you can build trust and deliver your message effectively.

Video in social networks: We all know that social media marketing is vital to brand awareness and business success. And one of the best places to watch videos online is social media. This is the most engaging form of content, allowing your target audience to interact with your brand. These videos need to be shareable, which means that creativity is essential, from animated videos to product reviews and brand presentation video content. Social media videos create brand awareness and can be strategically targeted to your specific audience. This means that you can generate leads and in turn convert them into leads. This is achieved through a strong call to action, that direct your viewer from your social media channels to a specific landing page designed to collect customer information that can be used for remarketing and email marketing purposes. This strategy should be part of all of the aforementioned preview videos, which leads to buyer review videos.

Video production for the stage of consideration

Closed Videos: One of the most effective tactics for attracting leads during the consideration stage is the closed video. This means that your video that has been shared on social media (for example) can only be viewed in its entirety once the viewer goes to the landing page and enters their information. This helps in the lead generation process and allows your marketing team to use this information to further move the viewer through the buying cycle. Such videos are usually how-to guides or demonstrations and offer valuable information that will improve the lives of viewers in one way or another.

Interactive Videos: Interactive videos are the future of video marketing and are all about engagement and of course interaction. The video production company will create strategic and interactive videos that are smart, dynamic and highly personalized and will help in brand building leads and conversions. By adding interactive elements to your marketing and commercial videos, you capture the attention of your viewers, encouraging them to take certain actions. When you click on hotspots, actions can be performed. Examples include providing more information, moving to a different segment, changing or customizing, interacting with characters, exploring content from different angles, or shopping online. Such videos inspire consumer confidence and, of course, guide the viewer through the buying cycle.

Shoppable Content: These types of videos feature specific products and embedded links allowing viewers to click and purchase said product without even leaving the video. This format helps brands replicate the experience of visiting their websites without forcing them to leave the social platform they are currently active on. Today’s consumer is focused on instant gratification, and by streamlining the buying process, you are guaranteed to increase sales.

Personalized Sales Videos: Once a prospect is qualified as a salesperson, your sales reps are able to personally “sell” without being physically present (this is especially important in today’s world). By providing your prospect with a personalized video that reveals the face of the company and the face of the name, you can build trust that will lead to sales. The production of these videos is faster than all other forms of video content creation, yet produces excellent results.

The types of video production available for your business are described above, all of which will help you advance the customer journey and improve your bottom line.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to video production. Other types of videos include:



E-learning and instructional videos


YouTube video

Content Series Video

Video in TikTok

And many others


There are many video production opportunities you can take advantage of to increase your bottom line. Video has the power and potential to grow your business and is an integral part of digital marketing in today’s world.

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