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Are you in search of switching to new consoles for Gaming? We can help you find the right TV.

With games like Horizon, The Witcher 3:Zero Dawn, Wild Hunt among the titles that make 4K games a very, very pretty reality, you may have started to use one of these fancy 4K games. TVs for use in your own home. Especially if you wish to get the best PS4 Pro or Xbox One S consoles with 4K features. It is already clear that 4K is the right path for technology for a few years and will soon become the norm.


Sure, your sophisticated 1080p HD TV was top notch when you bought it about a decade ago, but technology, especially technology in high-end TVs, is advancing at such an alarming rate. It is difficult to stay relevant for more than a year. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a few years from your TV before a company develops the next big thing. As soon as HD came on the market, smart TVs quickly followed. Then 3D became known that curved TVs were the new “fashion”. Today 4K and HDR are the duo you should look for when buying a new TV.


If you’re in search of a new TV, you may have a PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, or want to buy at least one. In this case, you need a TV that is suitable for both gaming  and watching movies. 4K resolution  sometimes Ultra High Definition or referred to as UHDr improves 1080p resolution by increasing pixels that the screen uses to display an image. The more pixels, the clearer and more detailed the picture. For gaming, you need to make sure you get a set with low frame latency and fast response time to ensure that there is no great delay between pressing a button and displaying an action on the screen. ‘Screen.


LG OLEDxxB6D series

Well here it is. The best of the very best. LG’s OLED TVs are second to none in terms of the best quality picture quality. There are no two options: the combination of 4K resolution, HDR, DolbyVision and an OLED screen makes it the best television you can currently buy in terms of picture quality. In addition to the incomprehensibly good image integrity, this set is only 2.7 mm thick, making it one of the most attractive sets we have ever seen. This set contains every luxury, including a pretty 36.8 ms input offset and an incredibly good on-board sound system.


This model is extremely expensive in 55- or 65-inch models, but if you’re on a budget or willing to save your money for a long time, it’s as good as it gets.



LG series xxUH7700

If your budget is not big enough to allow an OLED device, LG always covers you when it comes to high-end LCD screens. The 7700 Series 4K TVs offer crystal very clear and best picture quality with a 4K Quantum IPS screen with a 10-bit panel that produces a billion colors at all times. Ultra Luminance is the name of the technology that, depending on what you see or play, enables lighter whites and deep, dark blacks.


HDR10 and DolbyVision functions are also included here, so you will be adequately protected for a few years if you stick to this set. The 4K TV series 7700 LG are available in sizes from 49 to 65 inches and are absolutely outstanding. They are the best that you can get without opting for an OLED screen. It’s not quite there, but it’s getting close.


Sony series KD-xxXD8088

Not because it’s the cheapest TV on this list, it’s the worst. In fact, all TVs in this post deliver beautifully clear, high quality images and above average performance to a minimum. However, if you’re on a budget than the TVs above but don’t want to compromise on quality, the Sony KD8088 series may be your best bet. The people who asked What TV size is best for gaming it Is the best for them.

With full 4K resolution with HDR10 and an excellent input offset of 33 ms, it is ideal for games as well as for TV Gaming or casual films. It will not set this world on fire and won’t let your jaw drop when it comes to standing out from the competition, but it does the job it takes in a great way and is as complete as possible. Ask for a set in this price range. In short, if you really want  a 4K TV without breaking this bank, this model.


Samsung Q70R

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The 55-inch Q70R is Samsung’s cheapest premium QLED television with full local dimming (FALD) for high-precision backlighting. This makes it one of the best televisions that you can buy for less than 1,000 euros. Although it was launched for £ 1,100, it is now at £ 799. At this price, it is definitely worth considering, especially if you are a console player.


It contains both ALLM and VRR and offers wonderfully smooth and tear-free playback when compatible gaming consoles are connected. With an extremely low input delay of just 15 ms, the Samsung Q70R is the leader with the fastest TV sets on the market. To top it off, the panel has a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz and there is absolutely no risk of the screen burning as it is an LCD LED.


The Samsung Q70R may not be equipped with all Samsung frills, such as: B. the extremely wide viewing angle and the ultra-black filter, as is the case with its siblings Q80R and Q90R, but the QLED is still the most advantageous at the moment. HDR video playback is also excellent and supports HDR10, HLG and HDR10 + content.


Samsung Q90R

c 2

Like the Samsung Q70R, the Q90R offers both VRR and ALLM support and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making it a great choice for gamers. There is an input delay of 17 ms. Top with the fastest TVs on the market. It also has nice custom options for games like Game Motion Plus and Game Enhancer.


The Q90R’s One Connect Box offers an elegant solution to your cabling problems by routing all inputs through a single 5m optical cable.


The TV is the one of the brightest TVs we have ever tested and offers breathtaking HDR playback regardless of the lighting conditions. Because it is the high-end model, the Q90R’s quantum dot panel is equipped with Samsung’s ultra-wide-angle and ultra-black filter technologies.


The first gives the Q90R a much wider viewing angle than normal on a VA LCD screen, and while the second does a fantastic job of eliminating glare. There is simply no better television for bright rooms.


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