Gummies, Capsules, Powder? What to Choose When Buying Kratom in West Virginia



Ask any kratom user and they would tell you that this herb is not the best choice in edibles. Its leaves are bitter in taste. This is one of the pitfalls of kratom that repels people. That’s why you can find the herb available in various forms. Manufacturers have left no stone unturned to provide you with kratom in the most palatable manner possible. 

Kratom in West Virginia is available in the form of capsules that are filled with pre-measured powder of the tree’s leaves. You can also shop for softgels. The powder form of kratom is most popular. Then there are Kratom Gummies

Why is powder form more popular?

One of the reasons for the higher popularity of powder is that it makes the herb more versatile. 

You can take powder:

  • As toss and wash
  • By mixing it in milk or your favorite juice or smoothie
  • By mixing it in your favorite recipes such as pancakes, cupcakes, breakfast cereals, and others
  • By sprinkling it over your favorite dish

Kratom powder gives you many more choices in taking this wonderful herb. It is easily available at a kratom shop near you

However, if you wish to try some new way of taking this herb, try chewing it. 

Chewing kratom

Natives of southeast Asia, where kratom trees are grown, chew kratom leaves for ages. Well, for us, it may not be the best choice due to the bitter taste. People there may have become accustomed to the taste. 

That’s why we have for you gummies that are fruity in flavor and beautifully camouflage the herb’s bitterness. 

Just take one gummy and pop it into your mouth. Chew the gummy as you continue doing your daily tasks. Each gummy has a potent dose of kratom to produce the desired effect. Make sure you see the dosage. Each gummy would contain a particular dose, usually in milligrams. Choose a gummy pack that suits your dose requirement. 

What gummy to try a WV Kratom gummy? Search for “kratom near me” and buy now. 

Be careful about the dose

You may have heard and read it hundreds of times before and you will read it here again – never go overboard with kratom dose. 

The secret of enjoying this herb to the fullest lies in low doses. 

Higher doses create unnecessary unpleasant effects. Why would you want to experience them when you can easily avoid them? 

So, when it comes to taking kratom, be smart. Choose a low dose and avoid taking it regularly. Go kratom-free in between. Rotate strains. 

This is the trick to experience this herb’s maximum effects without becoming dependent on it and without increasing your tolerance. 

West Virginia kratom shops sell different strains of kratom. Choose your pick today. 

Why is increasing tolerance a bad thing?

Once your tolerance increases, you must consume a higher dose. And this continues, until, one fine day, you realize kratom doesn’t do much to you. And then you are tempted to exceed the safe dose limit. Once you go beyond the safe dose limit, you are vulnerable to all sorts of harmful effects this herb can produce. 

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