What Steps Should I Take After A Hit and Run Accident


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A motor accident is always something that is stressful enough and if it is a hit and run in Tampa or anywhere in the world can leave you feeling completely helpless at that time. In traffic laws, a hit and run accident is one of the most miserable situations any individual can ever be in. 

What Does Hit and Run Accident mean? 

When you are involved in a collision or an accident, and if the driver leaves the scene of the accident, then it is called a hit and run. It is the act of someone knowingly causing an accident and then leaving the sight or scene without providing any information about them or by providing assistance to the other party. Some individuals get confused after a hit-and-run accident about what to do if you are caught in some situation like this, so it is very important in such cases that one party should stay to talk to police or with the witnesses. 

Nobody ever wants to get involved in such a situation, but we never know the situation, so we are here to help you with some dos and don’ts about which will help you tackle the situation more conveniently and what you should do next what to after a hit and run accident to make things in your favor.

 What to do in a hit and run accident

  • Firstly call the emergency number if you are someone who was driving the car or someone is injured or if you hit someone. 
  • Don’t wait to call the police department or your insurance company to file an accident case report or claim. 
  • Collect as much information you can collect, and it can be about the driver, injuries, cars, possibly everything present at the time of the hit and run in Tampa. 
  • Ask the witnesses if they can let you know more information about the accident. Collect their names and contact numbers for future references. The information from the witnesses could be very important and especially if the accident occurred when you were not with your motor vehicle. 
  • Call your insurance company emergency services and make sure you share all the details with them so that they can help you to get your insurance claim of the hit and run accident as soon as possible. 

A hit and run situation can be one of the miserable situations you can ever be in, but if you are not wrong and follow all these Dos and don’ts, then it might not be as tough as it will be if you don’t follow these guidelines.


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