What Should You Ask Before Home Theatre Installation in Gold Coast


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Set along the Pacific Ocean, Gold coast is one of the most fun cities in Australia. It has splendid beaches, great weather, amusement parks, and tropical forests. Having a home theatre is a must to enjoy your films and games in this beautiful coastal town with several entertainment options. The home theatre installation in Gold Coast is perfect for movies and popular games like rugby, football, and cricket.

Many of you may underestimate the efforts involved in a home theatre installation and prefer a DIY job. But, don’t risk damaging your television by doing it so. Integrating TV with other elements of a home theatre system such as Apple TV, Foxtel, game consoles, etc. is not as simple as it looks.

Go for a professional installation that can do it for you and guide you to the know-how of using the system. You must ask the following questions to understand the process better.


Will It Fit into Your Living Room?

Homes in Gold Coast are shrinking rapidly due to the soaring costs reaching up to $460 m2 in new developments. That’s why you need the help of a professional to set up the perfect home theatre that fits best in your space.

Ask the technician to access the available area, interior design, and the acoustic aspects to recommend the best possible AV options. Your home theatre installation in Gold Coast should give the best performance and match your home’s aesthetics.


Will Special Cables Be Needed? 

The requirements of the cable will depend upon your home theatre. Tell your installer if you want a projector or have a specific audio requirement to assess the length of the wiring̣. Ask your technician about fibre optic HDMI or HDBaseT, perfect for longer runs in media rooms and theatre.

If you want to install some high-end speakers and subwoofers, thicker gauge wires bring out the best sound. Also, ask about wiring for mounted Dolby Atmos speakers. Tell your installer if you will be using the room for music, watching sports, or gaming, as it can make a lot of difference in the choice of wiring.


What Will Be The Estimated Cost?

Gold Coast is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. As the utility charges are also on the higher side, you mustn’t risk doing the job by yourself. Otherwise, you will end up paying more to the electrician for fixing the wires. Better you look for a professional. Ask about the cost of the home theatre installation in Gold Coast and what services they offer. You should get a complete quote for all the services like fitting, seating, design, and automation.


Will the Home Network Work With The Theater?

Surround audio in HD 4K video requires higher bandwidths. Most popular streaming services like Amazon Video, iTunes, Netflix, etc. need a network that can handle an increased load. Ask your technician about MIMO routers, the difference between dual-band and Tri-band technology. Take recommendations about wired or wireless technology. A combination would work best in a media room or theatre-like setup.

Lastly, ask your installer about the warranty period. Any known installer will offer a labour warranty of about 12 months up to 3 years. It will support you in case any problem or technical glitch appears in your home theatre.





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