What scope can candidates enjoy on completion of the course? Diploma MLT Course


There is huge number of students applying for a medical science. But not everyone is able to pursue the course of their choice. However, with some knowledge and research, candidates can enter the medical stream. The truth is that medical science is vast and there are numerous sections and subsections and options available. As a person falls sick, he/she visits the general physician for medical treatment. The physician examines the patient to understand the exact reason for the cause of this ailment. But with hundreds of existing medical issues and new health concerns emerging all the time, the physician will not be able to diagnose the exact issue without further examination. Hence, to understand better the internal problems faced by the patients, the physician recommends them to undergo certain tests conducted the medical lab settings. It is here that the patient has to avail specific tests, the results of which help the doctor to diagnose the health issue faced by the patients. The lab is generally managed by lab technicians who have completed bsc mlt course.

Lab technician’s role

The patient on recommendation from the physician will require proper and detailed health investigation. It is here that the lab technician tends to play a significant role. They will extract samples of blood, urine, mucus or other things as prescribed by the doctor from the patient’s body. Then the samples are preserved carefully in small containers and kept away from all vulnerabilities present in the atmosphere. Later, the samples are examined and researched minutely for proper analysis. The technician with a valid diploma and training can perform this task with great perfection within the medical lab settings. He/she is required to use different types of lab equipment to derive the best possible results.

What the candidate has to study to become a successful lab technician?

The bsc mlt course requires the candidates to learn different types of modules related to this field. It includes clinical biochemistry, blood banking, systematic medical microbiology, general pharmacology, fine-needle aspiration procedures, infection control, sample transportation and storage. The other things to take care of is diagnostic techniques, basic pathology, managing special samples, cleaning and maintaining the lab equipment, supply chain and material management, quality control, etc. Undergoing the course allows the candidates to realise the different aspects associated with this field.

Job description

Those interested to become a lab technician should first go through the job description to better know what role they are expected to play. The technician needs to work within the lab setting and tends to play an important role. He/she is responsible to extract samples from the patient’s body in a painless manner. However, the challenge they may face here is not just to extract the samples strategically, but also require ensuring its safe transportation and storing. This means, the sample is to reach the lab setting without being sabotaged. Then, the sample gets analysed before the report is prepared. This crucial step is to be practiced in all treatment procedures. The reason is because it is considered to be the main step to validate the treatment process. After this, the analysis is done according to observation. Physicians are assisted by this observation and report offered by the technicians to evaluate the exact cause of the ailment suffered by the patient. Accordingly, they are also offered appropriate medical remedy. Visit for more information on our website: Ospmi.


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