What Makes Wikipedia A Powerful Marketing Instrument

marketing instrument

In recent times, many companies and brands have gone on to make encyclopedia pages on their own websites or other online channels. That is not entirely a bad approach, but it is similar to blowing your own trumpet. Which is why such profiles on a neutral platform are necessary, and provide a wider sense of credibility. When you think of encyclopedia, which platforms the memory clicks? Wikipedia.

Not only does it host the largest amount of neutral information on a myriad of different topics, people, brands, you name it. Nevertheless, it also offers a large number of brand or company profiles. Which is why making a profile on Wikipedia can prove vital in the current state of online market. Nevertheless, what makes it important and how can you get one? Let us break it down further.

The Why

Wikipedia is the host to largest amount of information humankind has ever seen. For instance, consider the following stats provided by them:

  • 6,026,507 is the number of articles
  • 49,770,060 is the number of pages
  • More than 882,882 files
  • In its life, it has entertained over 939,289,003 number of edits
  • More than a thousand admins active around the globe

Considering these stats, you can understand why it is important for your business to create a Wikipedia profile.

Page Creation

Page creation on Wikipedia goes through many phases. The top phase of it, like any other marketing approach, is research. Moreover, Wikipedia strictly asserts the employment of NPOV (neutral point of view) in all its content. Which is why it is imperative to write in a non-biased and unprejudiced tone. It all begins with creating an account, then you can follow the guidelines provided by them on the website.

The What

So, what exactly is it that makes it so effective? As stated above in the “why” section, those are not just fancy numbers, they are real stats provided by Wikipedia. Why do we believe them? Because they are their own stats and it should give you enough of an idea of the credibility anything Wikipedia related poses.


There you have it, the why, how and what of Wikipedia. The creation of profiles or pages there is not as hard as it might seem. Regardless, it is not as easy either. Nevertheless, with a few simple steps, you can grant your company or brand a profile on one of the most credible platforms on the planet.


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