What Living Football means



Since its inception, football has been an integral part of our communities. More than a game, more than a sport, football is a way of life that we all cherish, regardless of our nationality, ethnicity, education, gender or religion.

“Living Football” is thus more than a rallying cry or a simple slogan; it’s what we do, who we are and why we are here.

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This maxim testifies to our commitment to good games and constantly reminds us of its fundamental role in our communities and our lives.

We guarantee you an environment in which the passion and dedication of everyone for what this slogan represents are recognized, nourished and respected at all times. And if Living Football can be adopted and expressed in a different way by each of us according to the personal relationship that binds us to this sport, we are convinced that its universal meaning will be understood and shared by all.

Principles and implications

Living Football – a commitment to sport

Football is a game, a sport, an accessible and welcoming way of life for all. It is with great clarity, humility and a great sense of duty that we look straight ahead and truly put football at the center of all our activities.

Living Football – a commitment to the planet

To safeguard the future of football, we must protect the beauty, diversity and quality of life on our planet. We are fully committed to mitigating any negative impact that our presence and activities may cause on the environment so that everyone has the opportunity to discover and enjoy the magic and beauty of this sport.

Living Football – a commitment to the ‘ Future

We want to support the growth and development of football while enhancing its quality and integrity, for everyone, for today and tomorrow. We are committed to being an organization worthy of its mandate to lead football and make it accessible to all.


Living Football evokes our vision of football; for today, for tomorrow and for all who make it so special – players, coaches, supporters, partners and administrators. Because football does not belong to FIFA, nor to its staff, nor to any other body representing the interests of players, clubs or countries. It belongs to the people; it belongs to each of us who live football every day.


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