What is web writing or Copywriting?


The job of web copywriter for writing content is not just about creating written content on the Internet. Let’s find out in more detail this versatile function halfway between journalism and advertising which continues to evolve in United States.

Above all, a web editor must:

  • To be creative,
  • Curious,
  • Open minded
  • And demonstrate a good general culture.

As a writer, he must master the written English language (grammar, conjugation, spelling, syntax) to be precise and concise.

Types of Content Writing:

In the web writing sector, there are 3 profiles:

  • Editors: they highlight the writing of their content.
  • SEOs: they work to optimize editorial content in order to improve the positioning of website pages in search engines.
  • Copywriters: more advertising oriented, in a nutshell they should push the reader to action.

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The best web copywriters have this triple quality!

As science is not infused, even if the web editor has a very good general knowledge, he must constantly adapt to new projects. Its work is demand driven.

Before starting production and respecting several editorial codes such as editorial templates, the writer must collect as much information as possible on the given subject and, of course, check his sources.

These web writing services professions are accessible to everyone, there is no real specialized training in the field unlike journalism.

Nevertheless, a literary training, a diploma from a language school or higher education can be useful to embark on the adventure.

If English is not your mother tongue, and you are passionate about this profession, you can easily, thanks to the DELF, the DALF or English as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses, deepen your knowledge in the language of Voltaire to write quality content in English.

Does web writing use the English language differently from journalism?

What is the difference between a web editor and a journalist?

We cannot write on the web as we write on a paper newspaper and vice versa…

Web writing uses specific codes that are very different from those of journalists.

Here are the important differences:

  • The medium: it may seem trivial, but the editorial codes between the web and the paper are very different. Even if in recent years the journalistic profession has become more and more digital.
  • Ethics: fundamental principle which requires journalists to be neutral and objective in all circumstances. The web editor responds to a request. Its content highlights services, products, etc. Objectivity is therefore not always the order of the day!
  • Writing style: web writing adapts to the behavior of Internet users who read 25% faster on the Internet. The style should be concise, airy and punchy. The vocabulary should be simple and understandable. Even when reading diagonally, the reader should immediately grasp the idea of ​​the text.
  • SEO: content written on the web always has a SEO perspective to strengthen the visibility of the site on the Internet. For this, the web editor must choose the right keywords, take care of his titles, pay attention to links, etc.
  • The target: with its hundreds of millions of websites, the Internet is full of information. Unlike the journalist who addresses (depending on his newspaper) a much more generalist population, the target of the web editor will be much more precise: he will have to meet the expectations of Internet users.

Nevertheless, there is one thing in common between the two professions that is spelling.

We cannot thank enough our English language and its grammatical rules, its more than perfect, its past participle, it’s imperative and its adverbs!

With the advent of new technologies and SMS language, spelling errors are popping up everywhere!

A scourge that editors and journalists must fight so as not to distract readers and lose recognition. A good Bescherelle and a spell checker are the main tools of the web editor.



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