What is the Ideal Mattress for Sciatica?


Sciatica patients suffer from extreme pain in their sciatic nerve, present in the lower half of their bodies. A wrong mattress not only makes it challenging to sleep for these patients, but it can even worsen the condition. If you are experiencing the same situation and nothing seems to help, you should replace your mattress right away. Look for custom mattress sizes so that you can get the most comfort. To choose the best mattress for sciatica patients, here are a few factors that must be considered.


#1 Firmness

A mattress’s firmness gets calculated on a scale of 1-10, where one is the softest, and ten is the firmest. The most suitable mattress firmness depends on aspects like:


  • Weight: The bulkier the sleeper, the firmer mattress they require. For people weighing less than 130 pounds, the mattress can be 3-5. Heavier people can go for 4-6 on the scale.
  • Sleeping Position: As different sleeping positions put pressure on the various body parts, the mattress’s firmness plays a crucial role. Usually, side sleepers can opt for 3-6 firm mattress, while others can go for 4-8.


Both of these things must be considered simultaneously. Leaving even one of them can cause severe pain to sciatica patients.


#2 Thickness

A mattress’s thickness almost works like its firmness. It depends on the position and weight of the sleeper. However, in the case of sciatica patients, it is recommended to opt for mattresses that are at least 10-inches in thickness. It assists in providing better support to the patient. If you can’t find a suitable mattress, you can look for custom mattress sizes.


#3 Support

A mattress’s support means how much it can keep the sleeper’s body aligned. The more the support, the better the sciatica patient can sleep. That is why you shouldn’t opt for any excessively soft or stiff mattress. You can also look for the material that is used to make the mattresses’ different layers. It affects the support as well. The best mattress for sciatica patients is the one that can bear their weight and provide an even surface to sleep on.


#4 Motion Isolation

This is yet another vital factor in the mattress for a sciatica patient. As they feel pain on one side of their bodies, they tend to move a lot during the night. So, the motion isolation feature will ensure that their movement doesn’t disturb their partner or the person sleeping next to them. Even if you sleep alone, you must consider this factor as it will provide additional comfort to you.


#5 Type of Mattress

Innerspring mattresses usually don’t provide as much comfort as the other types. Thus, in case you are using an innerspring mattress, you must replace it with a latex or memory foam one. They offer additional comfort by forming your body contour and aligning your body better. If you can’t find a suitable hospital bed mattress in the required material, you should enquire about the custom mattress sizes.


These are the few essential features of the best mattress for sciatica patients. You must look for them if you want the patient to sleep better every night and wake up refreshed every morning.


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