What is the Green Card Lottery in United States?


The Green Card Lottery is, as its name suggests, a lottery allowing to win a Green Card called the Holy Grail for any person wishing to leave to live in the United States without for you might as well depend on a sponsor. The Green Card is in a way an immigrant “visa” allowing you to live like any American. For people who do not fit into any box for a work permit, who do not have the project to launch their business to obtain an E2 visa or who are not people with exceptional abilities to obtain an O visa, The Green Card Lottery is therefore the only solution to hope one day to live in the USA and do the job that pleases us without restrictions. But like any draw, it is chance that rules!


Who can play for green card lottery?

To be able to participate in the Green Card Lottery you must be a national of one of the countries listed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The other name of the lottery is “Diversity Visa”, hence the fact that certain countries (such as Mexico or China for example) are excluded from participants since there are already many Mexicans and Chinese in the United States. United, they would not therefore make it possible to “diversify” the population.

The second criterion, besides nationality, is the level of education. You must have at least a two years of qualifying experience in the last 5 years. Qualifying meant that these two years can be worth a diploma (for example two years of executive assistant can be worth a BTS while two years as a cashier are not worth a diploma).

Who shouldn’t play?

This question is not an official question but I still want to make a paragraph about it because it is more than important. If the two criteria above are the only ones to be able to register. In this case it will be necessary:


  • Have a minimum of savings to leave. The first thing will be to pay the costs related to obtaining the Green Card: passport, forms, medical examination… You will then have to pay for the plane ticket, and of course arrival on site: accommodation, being able to live without working the time to settle in, buy a car … We often talk about a budget of $ 5000 minimum to settle.


  • Speak English. Someone who wants to go to the USA but who does not speak English will have a hard time integrating, finding a job and therefore making a living. Of course you can take lessons but for that you have to have a hell of a budget and keep in mind that it will be difficult to find accommodation without income.


  • Have a project. Loving the USA and going on vacation every year is one thing, living there is another. When you register for the Green Card Lottery, it’s because you’re ready to leave your life in your country. It’s good to already know a little what you want and be sure of yourself.


The Green Card Lottery allows you to obtain the title of permanent residence. You only register if you are sure you want to leave. To play just “to see” and not to leave is to take the place of someone who had a real expatriation plan. That’s it, you have finally obtained the precious Green Card! But this Green Card is only valid for two years only and you need to apply for renew 2 Year Green Card before 90 days of ending your Green Card.



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